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Social Anxiety Disorder: Recognition, Assessment and TreatmentSocial Anxiety Disorder: Recognition, Assessment and Treatment
- British Psychological Society , 2013
Social anxiety disorder is very common and often coexists with other mental health problems. This guideline demonstrates that effective treatments exist and it aims to increase identification so that people can access interventions to help them...
New Insights into Anxiety DisordersNew Insights into Anxiety Disorders
by Federico Durbano (ed.) - InTech , 2013
This book collects the contributions of a number of clinical psychiatrists all over the world, interested in developing basic research about anxiety and in applying it in clinical contexts. Each author summarized the clinical importance of his work.
Generalised Anxiety Disorder in AdultsGeneralised Anxiety Disorder in Adults
- British Psychological Society , 2011
This clinical guideline sets out recommendations for healthcare professionals on how to treat and manage generalised anxiety disorder in adults. It presents and appraises the evidence for low- and high-intensity psychological interventions.

Understanding Anxiety ProblemsUnderstanding Anxiety Problems
by Terry Dixon - Help-For , 2011
With information on anxiety and panic, symptoms of both anxiety and anxiety disorders and the way to overcome them, this book can help anyone to understand more about the cause and cure of the problem. The book focuses on causes, not just symptoms.
Anxiety DisordersAnxiety Disorders
by Vladimir Kalinin - InTech , 2011
The monograph depicts different aspects of anxiety. Topics include neurochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of anxiety. Psychopathology and clinical signs of anxiety and its relationship with other psychopathological phenomena are also presented.
Anxiety DisordersAnxiety Disorders
- National Institute of Mental Health , 2009
This book will describe the symptoms of anxiety disorders, explain the causes of these conditions, describe effective treatments, help you learn how to obtain treatment and work with a therapist, and suggest ways to make treatment more effective.