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Cosmology PrimerCosmology Primer
by Sean Carroll - , 2012
This primer provides a brief introduction to the new twenty-first century ideas and discoveries, the basic picture of modern cosmology. The intended audience includes anyone with curiosity about science; no technical background is assumed.
Cosmology: The Study of the UniverseCosmology: The Study of the Universe
- NASA , 2009
This primer in cosmology introduces the main concepts of the Big Bang theory, discusses the classic tests of the theory, and observations that highlight limitations of the theory and point to a more detailed model of cosmology.

An Exposition on Inflationary CosmologyAn Exposition on Inflationary Cosmology
by Scott Watson - arXiv , 2000
A pedagogical treatment of cosmological modeling and inflationary cosmology. Inflation is accepted as a standard scenario making predictions testable by observations. This paper bridges the gap between technical and popular accounts of the subject.
Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific CosmologyCosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology
by N. S. Hetherington, W. P. McCray - American Institute of Physics , 2009
From the ancient Greeks to the Hubble Space Telescope - the story of the colorful individuals, startling ideas and ingenious tools that brought us knowledge of the vast universe we inhabit. Written by historians of astronomy, richly illustrated.
Cosmology: Mankind's Grand InvestigationCosmology: Mankind's Grand Investigation
by Greg Bothun - Harcourt Brace College Publishers , 1999
Cosmology is the empirical study of the organization, structure and evolution of the Universe. This study is not simply an exercise in physics and math but rather a reflection of our desire to understand our environment and to feel connected to it.
by James Schombert - University of Oregon , 2008
A historical review of our cosmological worldview from mythical times to modern science. Explored are topics in the geometry of the Universe, expanding spacetime and the Big Bang, dark matter, black holes, quarks and mesons, galaxies, etc.
Galaxies and the Expanding UniverseGalaxies and the Expanding Universe
by James Schombert - University of Oregon , 2008
Cosmology is the newest endeavor into the most basic questions of humankind's existence. The specific goals of this class are: to gain an understanding of basic science that underlies Astronomy and to explore the properties of our Universe.