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Building Web Apps with GoBuilding Web Apps with Go
by Jeremy Saenz - GitBook , 2015
Go programmers pull in the bare necessities to get the job done. Go makes things simple, it's as easy as that. If we train ourselves to align with the 'Go way' of programming for the web, we will end up with more simple and flexible web applications.
The Little Go BookThe Little Go Book
by Karl Seguin - OpenMyMind.net , 2015
An introduction to Google's Go programming language. It's aimed at developers who might not be quite comfortable with the idea of pointers and static typing. It's longer than the other Little books, but hopefully still captures that little feeling.

Go by ExampleGo by Example
by Mark McGranaghan - GoByExample.com , 2014
Go is an open source programming language designed for building simple and reliable software. 'Go by Example' is a hands-on introduction to Go using annotated example programs. It provides a comprehensive overview of the programming language Go.
Go BootcampGo Bootcamp
by Matt Aimonetti - golangbootcamp.com , 2014
After reading this book you will know how to do data modeling with Go, organize code in packages, how to test code, write documentation, how to use json marshaling, build a web API, test a web API, how to cross compile, use the key go tools, etc.
Network Programming with GoNetwork Programming with Go
by Jan Newmarch , 2012
A book on building network applications using the Google Go programming language. Contents: Architecture; Overview of the Go language; Socket-level Programming; Data serialization; Application-Level Protocols; Managing character sets and encodings.
An Introduction to Programming in GoAn Introduction to Programming in Go
by Caleb Doxsey , 2012
This book is a short introduction to computer programming using the language Go. Go is a general purpose programming language with modern features, clean syntax and a well-documented common library, making it an ideal first programming language.