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Book cover: Sustain Me: Notes on CancerSustain Me: Notes on Cancer
by - Smashwords ,
Sustain Me captures experiences of a woman diagnosed with colon cancer and the journey through treatment. The book provides candid thoughts on life with cancer and encourages others walking through cancer to stay focused on the Creator.
Book cover: Cancer: A Message Of HopeCancer: A Message Of Hope
by - Smashwords ,
The book concentrates on the author's struggles with the 'silent killer' and his eventual 'new-life' after radical surgery. The book contains both an inspirational story as well as medical facts that better inform those dealing with prostate cancer.
Book cover: Who Survives Cancer?Who Survives Cancer?
by - University of California Press ,
Addressed to health-care professionals and policymakers, this book makes it clear that we are not winning the war against cancer. The author looks at how class, race, sex, and available treatments can affect one's chances of survival.
Book cover: Count All ThisCount All This
by - Four Sisters Publishing ,
Eddy's struggle with schizophrenia carries him to the deepest recesses of the human mind. In the midst of his descent, Jo is diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a story of love, madness, death, family loyalty and the bond between mothers and sons.

Book cover: Cancer Care for the Whole PatientCancer Care for the Whole Patient
by - National Academies Press ,
Today, it is not possible to deliver high-quality cancer care without using existing approaches, tools, and resources to address patients' psychosocial health needs. This book recommends actions to ensure that this standard is met.
Book cover: Before and After Radical Prostate Surgery: Information and Resource GuideBefore and After Radical Prostate Surgery: Information and Resource Guide
by - AU Press ,
Aimed at men with concerns about prostate surgery, this guide includes chapters on preparing for the surgery, the surgery itself, recovery in hospital and at home, a list of recommended resources, and special sections to record personal notes.