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Spectral Line Shapes in PlasmasSpectral Line Shapes in Plasmas
by Evgeny Stambulchik (ed.) - MDPI AG , 2015
Line-shape analysis is one of the most important tools for diagnostics of both laboratory and space plasmas. Its implementation requires accurate calculations, which imply the use of analytic methods and computer codes of varying complexity.
Introduction to Plasma PhysicsIntroduction to Plasma Physics
by I. H. Hutchinson - MIT , 2001
The course is intended only as a first plasma physics course, but includes the critical concepts needed for a foundation for further study. A solid undergraduate background in classical physics and electromagnetic theory are prerequisites.
Theory of Fast Electron Transport for Fast IgnitionTheory of Fast Electron Transport for Fast Ignition
by A.P.L. Robinson, et al. - arXiv , 2013
We review progress in the theory and simulation of fast electron transport in the context of Fast Ignition. Important aspects of the basic plasma physics, descriptions of the numerical methods, a review of ignition-scale simulations are included.

Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Diagnostics for Tokamak PlasmasMagnetic Fields and Magnetic Diagnostics for Tokamak Plasmas
by Alan Wootton , 2008
These notes lay the foundations for the interpretation of magnetic fields and fluxes in terms of equilibrium plasma parameters. 'Magnetic diagnostics' means those diagnostics which are used to measure magnetic fields and fluxes using induction coils.
An Introduction to Plasma PhysicsAn Introduction to Plasma Physics
by Alan Wootton - Institute for High Energy Density Science , 1997
This text is intended for final year undergraduate students and first year graduates, who want to find out what plasma physics is about. It will tell you how to apply the ideas and techniques of this branch of physics to many different situations.
Introduction to Plasma PhysicsIntroduction to Plasma Physics
by Michael Gedalin - Ben-Gurion University , 2006
Contents: Basic definitions and parameters; Plasma description; MHD equilibria and waves; MHD discontinuities; Waves in dispersive media; Waves in two-fluid hydrodynamics; Kinetic theory; Micro-instabilities; Nonlinear phenomena; Plasma parameters.
Introduction to Plasma PhysicsIntroduction to Plasma Physics
by John Howard - Australian National University , 2002
This introduction covers basic plasma phenomena, kinetic theory, gaseous electronics, single particle motions, magnetized plasmas, magnetohydrodynamics, MHD plasma waves, waves in isotropic plasma, and waves in cold magnetized plasma.
Fundamentals of Plasma Physics and Controlled FusionFundamentals of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
by Kenro Miyamoto , 2000
Primary objective of this text is to provide a basic text for the students to study plasma physics and controlled fusion researches. Secondary objective is to offer a reference book describing analytical methods of plasma physics for the researchers.
Quantum PlasmdynamicsQuantum Plasmdynamics
by Donald B. Melrose - Springer , 2008
Contents: Covariant theory of wave dispersion; Classical plasmadynamics; Quantum field theory; Isotropic quantum plasmas; Magnetized Plasmas; Gyromagnetic processes; Pulsar radio emission; Response of Magnetized Systems; Exotic Quantum Plasmas; etc.
Fundamentals of Plasma PhysicsFundamentals of Plasma Physics
by James D. Callen - University of Wisconsin, , 2006
The book presents the fundamentals and applications of plasma physics. The emphasis is on high-temperature plasma physics in which the plasma is nearly fully ionized. The level is suitable for senior undergraduates, graduates and researchers.
Oulu Space Physics TextbookOulu Space Physics Textbook
by Reijo Rasinkangas - University of Oulu , 2008
This textbook studies the solar wind and other plasma environments. It is aimed for students of space physics. The text covers plasma physics, heliosphere, solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, auroras, cosmic rays, space weather, etc.
Introduction to Plasma Physics: A graduate level courseIntroduction to Plasma Physics: A graduate level course
by Richard Fitzpatrick - , 2008
Introduction to Plasma Physics by Richard Fitzpatrick is a complete set of lecture notes for a graduate level introductory plasma physics course. Topics covered include particle orbits, fluid theory, waves, MHD theory, and kinetic theory.