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The Physics of Music and Musical InstrumentsThe Physics of Music and Musical Instruments
by David Lapp - Tufts University , 2003
The book covers the physics of waves, sound, music, and musical instruments at a high school physics level. A resource for those teaching or learning waves and sound from the middle school through college, at the mathematical or conceptual level.
2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers' Guide2009 iPod + iPhone Buyers' Guide
- iLounge , 2008
100 Best iPhone and iPod touch apps and games, top accessories, Best of the Year and Readers’ Choice Awards, iProvocateur and iPod As Art Winners, Complete History of iPod and iPhone Products, Buying and Selling iPods and iPhones, etc.
Engineering AcousticsEngineering Acoustics
- Wikibooks , 2006
Engineering acoustics is the study of the generation and manipulation of sound waves, from an engineering perspective. The book describes some of the fundamental principles of acoustics, it requires knowledge of calculus and differential equations.

The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4
by Jeremy Horwitz - iLounge , 2008
Free eBook on iPod and iPhone by iLounge. Over 20 world exclusive Sneak Peeks. Complete tutorials to all things iPod, iPhone, iTunes, and Apple TV. Beautiful photographs and images submitted by iLounge readers depict the Apple’s iPhone family.
The Theory and Technique of Electronic MusicThe Theory and Technique of Electronic Music
by Miller Puckette - World Scientific Publishing Company , 2006
This book develops the theory and the practice of synthesizing music using electronic techniques. The ideal reader is anyone who likes electronic music and wants to make electronic music from the ground up: oscillator, sampling, FM, filtering.
Music: A Mathematical OfferingMusic: A Mathematical Offering
by Dave Benson - Cambridge University Press , 2006
An introduction to the subject of music and mathematics, which includes physics, psycho-acoustics, biology, and the history of science and digital technology. It covers the structure of the human ear, Fourier analysis, musical instruments, and more.
The Theory of Sound, Volume OneThe Theory of Sound, Volume One
by J. W. S. Rayleigh, Robert B. Lindsay - MacMillan , 1894
One of the first books in the field of acoustics, written in a very logical manner, many topics are the research results of Lord Rayleigh himself. Any acoustician who wants to understand physical principles should start with Rayleighs work.
Introduction To Sound ProcessingIntroduction To Sound Processing
by Davide Rocchesso - Davide Rocchesso , 2003
This is an introductory book on sound processing. By reading this book, you may expect to acquire some knowledge on the mathematical, algorithmic, and computational tools important in order to become proficient sound designer or manipulator.
The Sounding ObjectThe Sounding Object
by Davide Rocchesso, Federico Fontana - Mondo Estremo Publishing , 2003
The authors are striving to develop principles that may open the way to get appropriate informative sounds out of future artifacts. They present novel research in perception, physics, numeral analysis, computer science, and human-machine interaction.