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Visualising FacebookVisualising Facebook
by Daniel Miller, Jolynna Sinanan - UCL Press , 2017
This book presents a scholarly analysis of the images people post on a regular basis to Facebook. By examples, readers can see for themselves the differences between postings from a village north of London, and those from a small town in Trinidad.
Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of WikipediaGood Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia
by Joseph M. Reagle - The MIT Press , 2010
Despite the social unease over its implications for individual autonomy and the character of cultural products, Wikipedia's good-faith collaborative culture has brought us closer than ever to a realization of the pursuit of a universal encyclopedia.

Facets of Facebook: Use and UsersFacets of Facebook: Use and Users
by Kathrin Knautz, Katsiaryna S Baran - De Gruyter Open Ltd , 2016
This volume gathers a broad spectrum of social science and information science articles about Facebook. It looks into facets of users, such as age, sex, and culture, and into facets of use, unfriending on Facebook, or Facebook addiction, etc.
How the World Changed Social MediaHow the World Changed Social Media
by Daniel Miller, et al. - UCL Press , 2016
This book explores the impact of social media on politics and gender, education and commerce. What is the result of the emphasis on visual communication? Are we becoming more individual or more social? Why is public social media so conservative?
Avoid Social Media Time SuckAvoid Social Media Time Suck
by Frances Caballo - Smashwords , 2016
This book explains the four-step process to effective and efficient social media marketing for writers. Frances Caballo provides dozens of excellent resources along with sound suggestions on how to use your precious time wisely and productively.
Teaching Crowds: Learning and Social MediaTeaching Crowds: Learning and Social Media
by Jon Dron, Terry Anderson - AU Press , 2014
Dron and Anderson introduce a new model for understanding and exploiting the pedagogical potential of Web-based technologies. The authors show how learners can engage with social media platforms to create an unbounded field of emergent connections.
Social Media Mining: An IntroductionSocial Media Mining: An Introduction
by Reza Zafarani, Mohammad Ali Abbasi, Huan Liu - Cambridge University Press , 2014
Social Media Mining integrates social media, social network analysis, and data mining to provide a convenient platform for students, practitioners, researchers, and project managers to understand the basics and potentials of social media mining.
Mastering LinkedInMastering LinkedIn
by Karen Brown - Bookboon , 2014
Like all computer applications, using LinkedIn is part art and part science. The science bit is to navigate around the application and complete fields of information. The art lies in understanding how it works and leveraging that to your advantage.
LinkedIn: A Practical Guide to Optimizing NetworkingLinkedIn: A Practical Guide to Optimizing Networking
by Tanzil Al Gazmir - Smashwords , 2013
LinkedIn is an excellent place for lead generation. Successful networking can help you in getting your dream job, clients, vendors, investors, partners, etc. You will be amazed to see in how many ways you can network with the LinkedIn communities.
Using Social Media for Personal GainUsing Social Media for Personal Gain
by Mary Thomas - Bookboon , 2013
This book introduces the main forms of social media and gives tips to use the tools in the most time efficient way possible to communicate with others and promote your personal brand to ensure you use this medium to show yourself in the best light.
A to Z: Social Media MarketingA to Z: Social Media Marketing
by Jordan Kasteler - Utah SEO , 2012
This book moves beyond standard Social Media Marketing books. It teaches leveraging all facets of social media and all social media channels involved. It explores concepts of content marketing and leveraging social media to promote that content.
Mining the Social WebMining the Social Web
by Matthew A. Russell - O'Reilly Media , 2013
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social web properties generate a wealth of valuable social data, but how can you tap into this data and discover what people are talking about? This book shows you how to answer these questions.
Understanding Social MediaUnderstanding Social Media
by Varinder Taprial, Priya Kanwar - BookBoon , 2012
Despite its popularity, most people have a very limited understanding of the scope and utility of Social Media in its entirety. This book delves into the evolution of Social Media, its benefits for individuals/businesses and social media management.
Web Writing Style GuideWeb Writing Style Guide
by Matt Barton, James Kalmbach, Charles Lowe - Writing Spaces , 2011
This book is for anyone interested in learning more about web writing. It's not intended to be a general book about writing -- we're focused here on the type of writing people do in social media sites such as blogs, wikis, Twitter, and more.
The Art of Community: Building the New Age of ParticipationThe Art of Community: Building the New Age of Participation
by Jono Bacon - O'Reilly Media , 2009
Online communities offer a wide range of opportunities today. This book will help you develop the broad range of talents you need to recruit members to your community, motivate and manage them, and help them become active participants.
How Wikipedia Works: And How You Can Be a Part of ItHow Wikipedia Works: And How You Can Be a Part of It
by Phoebe Ayers, Charles Matthews, Ben Yates - No Starch Press , 2008
This book was created by Wikipedians, it is a summary of how Wikipedia works. You'll learn to use and contribute to the world's largest reference work -- like what constitutes good writing and research and how to work with images and templates.
Wikipedia: The Missing ManualWikipedia: The Missing Manual
by John Broughton - Wikipedia , 2009
This e-book gives you practical advice on creating articles and collaborating with fellow editors, improving existing articles, and working with the Wikipedia community to review new articles, mediate disputes, and maintain the site.
Social MediaSocial Media
by Trevor Cook, Lee Hopkins - , 2008
E-book on social media, it covers Enterprise2.0, strategy, blogs, web feeds, some corporate blog examples, podcasting for business, Twitter and Jaiku, Facebook, Second Life and 3D virtual worlds, Wikis, blog writing tips, where to go to get started.