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Machine Shop WorkMachine Shop Work
by Frederick W. Turner - American technical society , 1918
The 'Machine Shop Work' is a comprehensive manual of approved shop methods, including the construction and use of tools and machines, the details of their efficient operation, and a discussion of modern production methods.
Fundamentals of Machine ToolsFundamentals of Machine Tools
- U. S. Government Printing Office , 1996
The purpose of this training circular is to provide a better understanding of power-driven machine tools. One of the objectives is for this publication is to be clear and understandable. Illustrations show the step-by-step process of many operations.
Machinery RepairmanMachinery Repairman
by Wayne T. Drew - Naval Education and Training Program , 1993
This Training Manual and Nonresident Training Course form a package to teach the theoretical knowledge needed by a Machinery Repairman. This package may be combined with on-the-job training to provide the necessary elements of practical experience.
Mechanisms / MachinesMechanisms / Machines
by Larry Teel - Delmar Publishers , 1972
This material presents the topic of modern machines. It combines the elements of mechanical theory, drafting skills and practical applications. Topics treated: graphical analysis of machines in the areas of velocity and acceleration polygons, etc.

Mechanisms / DrivesMechanisms / Drives
by Richard W. Tinnell - Delmar Publishers , 1971
An introductory treatment of modern mechanical drives. The topics treated include: various gear drive configurations employing spur, bevel, helical gears, belt drives of several types, chain drives, friction drives, and some selected special topics.
Mechanics of EngineeringMechanics of Engineering
by Irving Porter Church - John Wiley & Sons , 1908
Comprising statics and dynamics of solids, the mechanics of the materials of construction or strength and elasticity of beams, columns, shafts, arches, the principles of hydraulics and pneumatics with applications. For the use of technical schools.
Applied MechanicsApplied Mechanics
by Alfred P. Poorman , 1917
This textbook on Applied Mechanics is intended for use in the undergraduate courses in Mechanics in engineering schools. The author develops the basic principles of the subject in a way which the average student could easily follow.
Applied Mechanics and Strength of MaterialsApplied Mechanics and Strength of Materials
by A.B. Clemens - International TextBook Company , 1906
The book is written in the simplest language possible, so as to make it readily understood by all students. Necessary technical expressions are clearly explained when introduced. Practical and accurate information is given in clear and concise form.
A Short Course in Elementary Mechanics for EngineersA Short Course in Elementary Mechanics for Engineers
by Clifford Newton Mills - D. Van Nostrand Company , 1916
This course in Elementary Mechanics is arranged for students who have previously studied Trigonometry. The subject matter is divided into three parts, namely, Kinematics, Kinetics, and Statics. Much detailed discussion is omitted.
Elementary Dynamics: a textbook for engineersElementary Dynamics: a textbook for engineers
by Joseph Whittington Landon - Cambridge University Press , 1920
The book presents the principles of elementary dynamics, and explains the meaning of the physical quantities involved, partly by definition and description, but mainly by worked examples in which formulae have been avoided as far as possible.
Mechanics: A Textbook for EngineersMechanics: A Textbook for Engineers
by James E. Boyd - McGraw-Hill , 1921
This book is intended to give a working knowledge of the principles of Mechanics and to supply a foundation upon which study of Strength of Materials, Stresses in Structures, Machine Design, and other courses of more technical nature may rest.
Analytical Mechanics for EngineersAnalytical Mechanics for Engineers
by Fred B. Seely - J. Wiley & sons , 1921
This book presents those principles of mechanics that are believed to be essential for the student of engineering. Throughout the book the aim has been to make the principles of mechanics stand out clearly ; to build them up from common experience.
Mechanics for EngineersMechanics for Engineers
by Arthur Morley - Longmans , 1905
The aim of this book is to provide a suitable course in the principles of Mechanics for engineering students. More prominence than usual has been given to such parts of the subject as energy, work of forces and torques, power, and graphical statics.
Applied Mechanics for EngineersApplied Mechanics for Engineers
by John Duncan - Macmillan and co , 1913
The author's object in writing this book has been to provide a practical statement of the principles of Mechanics. Principles have been illustrated by numerous fully worked-out examples, and exercises for home or class work have been provided.
Mechanics Applied to EngineeringMechanics Applied to Engineering
by John Goodman - Longmans, Green, and Co. , 1914
This book has been written especially for Engineers and Students who already possess a fair knowledge of Elementary Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics ; it is intended to assist them to apply their knowledge to practical engineering problems.
Applied GyrodynamicsApplied Gyrodynamics
by Ervin S. Ferry - John Wiley & Sons , 1933
A rigorous theoretical and mathematical description of the motion of spinning bodies and practical applications where their gyroscopic properties are used. The book goes into great detail on the theory, design and implementation of applications.
Applied MechanicsApplied Mechanics
by Gaetano Lanza - J. Wiley , 1905
The work is a treatise on strength and stability, a number of subjects usually included in treatises on applied mechanics are omitted. It is primarily a text-book, the different subjects are presented in the best way for the progress of the class.
Mechanics: Problems for Engineering StudentsMechanics: Problems for Engineering Students
by Frank Berry Sanborn - J. Wiley & sons , 1906
The book presents many practical problems together with brief definitions and solutions of typical problems which should help the student to follow this advice: ''Learn for yourself, think for yourself, make yourself master of principles''.
Applied Mechanics for BeginnersApplied Mechanics for Beginners
by John Duncan - Macmillan and co , 1902
In the preparation of this little book, the object has been to provide students of engineering and allied constructive arts with a practical statement of the principles of Mechanics essential to an intelligent interest in their occupations.
Kinematics and Kinetics of MachineryKinematics and Kinetics of Machinery
by John A. Dent, Arthur C. Harper - John Wiley & Sons , 1921
It is hoped that this volume will fill a need in the curricula of our engineering schools, in that it gives systematic methods of determining velocities, accelerations, and inertia forces which can be applied to practically all mechanisms.
Introduction to Statics and DynamicsIntroduction to Statics and Dynamics
by Rudra Pratap, Andy Ruina - Cornell University , 2009
This is an engineering statics and dynamics text intended as both an introduction and as a reference. The book emphasizes use of vectors, free-body diagrams, momentum and energy balance and computation. Intuitive approaches are discussed throughout.
Roller Coaster PhysicsRoller Coaster Physics
by Tony Wayne , 1998
This text discusses some of the principles involved in the design of a roller coaster. It is intended for the middle or high school teacher, and physics students. Many of the concepts can be applied to topics other than roller coasters.
Dynamics of Mechanical SystemsDynamics of Mechanical Systems
by Janusz Krodkiewski , 2008
This text provides the students with the theoretical background of the three dimensional mechanics of rigid body and its applications. This part of mechanics is presented in three parts: Modelling, Analysis and Experimental Investigations.
Mechanics of Rigid BodyMechanics of Rigid Body
by Janusz Krodkiewski , 2008
The purpose of this text is to provide the students with the theoretical background and engineering applications of the three dimensional mechanics of a rigid body. Covered are three-dimensional kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies.
MIT Guide to Lock PickingMIT Guide to Lock Picking
by Theodore T. Tool , 1991
The text presents the basics about locks and lock picking, a set of exercises that will help you learn the skills of lock picking, a catalog of the mechanical traits and defects found in locks and the techniques used to recognize and exploit them.
Applied Mechanics DynamicsApplied Mechanics Dynamics
by G. W. Housner, D. E. Hudson - California Institute of Technology , 1980
Textbook for engineering students who wish to prepare for more advanced studies of dynamics. The emphasis is on particle and rigid-body dynamics. The book shows how the classical mechanics methods are applied to the various branches of engineering.
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics for EngineersIntroduction to Continuum Mechanics for Engineers
by Ray M. Bowen - Springer , 2007
This textbook is an introduction to the essentials of modern Continuum Mechanics for engineering graduate students. The book is self contained and suitable for self study. It establishes certain classical continuum models within a modern framework.