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Introduction to SupergravityIntroduction to Supergravity
by Henning Samtleben - Leibniz Universit├Ąt , 2007
There are several reasons to consider the combination of supersymmetry and gravitation. The foremost is that if supersymmetry turns out to be realized at all in nature, then it must eventually appear in the context of gravity.
Introduction to SupergravityIntroduction to Supergravity
by Horatiu Nastase - arXiv , 2012
These lectures present an introduction to supergravity for graduate students with a working knowledge of quantum field theory and the elementary group theory, but no prior knowledge of general relativity, supersymmetry or string theory is assumed.
New Lectures on SupergravityNew Lectures on Supergravity
by Nilo Serpa - arXiv , 2011
This essay aims to summarize the main physical features arising from a new supersymmetric theory of gravitation. It deals with gravity inside the limits of a meta-field theory, that is, a non-quantized but consistent representation of supergravity.

A Beginner's Guide to SupergravityA Beginner's Guide to Supergravity
by Ulrich Theis - Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena , 2006
These are lecture notes on basic N=1 supergravity in four dimensions aimed at graduate students with some previous exposure to general relativity and rigid supersymmetry. We provide a self-contained derivation of the off-shell supergravity multiplet.
Black Holes in Higher DimensionsBlack Holes in Higher Dimensions
by Roberto Emparan, Harvey S. Reall - arXiv , 2008
The authors review black hole solutions of higher-dimensional vacuum gravity, and of higher-dimensional supergravity theories. The discussion of vacuum gravity is pedagogical, with detailed reviews of Myers-Perry solutions and black rings.
Black Holes in Supergravity and String TheoryBlack Holes in Supergravity and String Theory
by Thomas Mohaupt - arXiv , 2000
An elementary introduction to black holes in supergravity and string theory. The focus is on BPS solutions in four- and higher-dimensional supergravity and string theory. Basic ideas are explained in detail, including exercises with solutions.
BPS Black Holes in SupergravityBPS Black Holes in Supergravity
by Riccardo D'Auria, Pietro Fre' - arXiv , 2009
In these lectures we explain the concept of supergravity p-branes and BPS black holes. The Lectures are meant to be introductory and self contained for non supersymmetry experts but at the same time fully detailed and complete on the subject.