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Chemistry in Protoplanetary DisksChemistry in Protoplanetary Disks
by Thomas Henning, Dmitry Semenov - arXiv , 2013
This comprehensive review summarizes our current understanding of the evolution of gas, solids and molecular ices in protoplanetary disks. Key findings related to disk physics and chemistry, both observationally and theoretically, are highlighted.

Photographs of Nebulae and ClustersPhotographs of Nebulae and Clusters
by James Edward Keeler - University of California Publications , 1908
The main purpose of this volume is to reproduce and make available for study, the larger and more interesting nebulae and clusters, sixty-eight in number. James Edward Keeler was the director of the Lick observatory 1898 - 1900.
Cosmic Rays in Galactic and Extragalactic Magnetic FieldsCosmic Rays in Galactic and Extragalactic Magnetic Fields
by F. Aharonian, A. Bykov, E. Parizot, V. Ptuskin, A. Watson - arXiv , 2011
We review sources of cosmic rays, their composition and spectra as well as their propagation in the galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields, both regular and fluctuating. A special attention is paid to the recent results of the observations.
Protoplanetary Disks and Their EvolutionProtoplanetary Disks and Their Evolution
by Jonathan P. Williams, Lucas A. Cieza - arXiv , 2011
Flattened disks of cool dust and gas are found around almost all low mass stars shortly after their birth. This review addresses observations of the outer parts of protoplanetary disks with a focus on recent infrared and (sub-)millimeter results.
An Introduction to Galactic Chemical EvolutionAn Introduction to Galactic Chemical Evolution
by Nikos Prantzos - arXiv , 2007
The formalism of the simple model of galactic chemical evolution (GCE) and its main ingredients are presented. It is stressed that GCE is not an astrophysical theory, but it provides a framework in which the large body of data may be interpreted.
Protostars and Planets IVProtostars and Planets IV
by V. Mannings, A. Boss, S. Russell - University of Arizona Press , 2000
This 1400+ pages book covers the very rapidly growing area of star-and-planet formation and evolution, from astrophysics to planetary science. It is most useful for researchers, graduate students, and some undergraduate students.