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e-books in Genre Fiction category

Brewster's MillionsBrewster's Millions
by Richard Greaves - Herbert S. Stone & Co. , 1903
The book is a 306 page story of how a person in the 1900's spends a million dollar inheritance so that he might receive an inheritance of multiple millions. The twist of families in disagreement with each other spurs this quagmire.
The Romance of the ForestThe Romance of the Forest
by Ann Radcliffe - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
The story of a persecuted girl who is delivered from one person to another who are compelled by different motives to decide her destiny. Her beauty attracts many to her, but only one wins her love and proves worthy of it by his noble actions.

The Mysteries of UdolphoThe Mysteries of Udolpho
by Ann Radcliffe - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Portraying her heroine's inner life, creating a thick atmosphere of fear, and providing a gripping plot, The Mysteries of Udolpho is the story of orphan Emily, who finds herself separated from the man she loves and confined within a medieval castle.
The MonkThe Monk
by Matthew Lewis - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
Ambrosio, a pious, well-respected monk in Spain, is lustfully tempted by his pupil, Matilda, a woman who has disguised herself as a monk. Having satisfied himself with her, he is overcome with carnal desire for the innocent Antonia.
Through the Looking-GlassThrough the Looking-Glass
by Lewis Carroll - The Hayes Lithographic Co. , 1910
The sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: follow Alice as she steps through a mirror into a strange looking-glass House. She solves the silly mystery of the Jabberwocky, meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Carpenter, and Humpty Dumpty.