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Scavenger HuntScavenger Hunt
by Barry Buckingham - Smashwords , 2016
A fast paced action thriller, a roller coaster ride of adventure and double cross. It will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Dave Roberts is ex-army, forced out of the job he loved after a Friendly Fire accident in Iraq ...
by Peter Ackers , 2014
Elysium Fields is a luxurious gated community on a tiny island off the coast of Australia. Crime is almost non-existent and the most action the residents see is a game of tennis. Until today, when this tranquil haven is invaded by armed men ...
Prey on the Prowl: A Crime NovelPrey on the Prowl: A Crime Novel
by B.S. Murthy - Self Imprint , 2014
Madhu and his mistress Mala were poisoned and Pravar, Mala's brother, implicates Madhu's wife Radha in the double murder. Radha seeks Dhruva's help even as Kavya, rescued by him, takes to her kidnapper Pravar. The series of death by poisoning follow.

Ding Dong!! Is She Dead?Ding Dong!! Is She Dead?
by Alathia Morgan - Smashwords , 2014
Sent into Witness Protection, Allie goes to deliver her friend's beauty products only to find her door hanging on its hinges and a trail of blood leading to a body. Danger follows Allie as she takes on different situations that risk her life.
Ebola K: A Terrorism ThrillerEbola K: A Terrorism Thriller
by Bobby Adair - Smashwords , 2014
Terrorists stumble across this new, fully lethal strain and while the world fearfully watches the growing epidemic in West Africa as Sierra Leone goes into country-wide lockdown, only a few Americans are aware of Ebola K and the danger it poses.
Bold-Faced LieBold-Faced Lie
by Tracy Gilpin - Smashwords , 2014
When a controversial activist is killed in a burglary, Dunai Marks's gut tells her this death was no accident. To uncover the truth she goes head-to-head with a powerful underground organisation and an intelligence agency hell-bent on destroying it.
Not Exactly InnocentNot Exactly Innocent
by Kathryn Judson - Smashwords , 2014
Triple-O Five and his bride are pulled back into action sooner than planned, when a mad Viking wannabe hires ethically-challenged bioweapons experts and a missile scientist who has gone rogue, in a bid to take over as much of the world as possible...
Alex Hollick: OriginsAlex Hollick: Origins
by Andrew Downs - Smashwords , 2013
A young field agent enters a dark underworld of the FBI, where he participates in the cover-up of a fellow agent's corruption while protecting the woman of his dreams. The Alex Hollick Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive agendas...
The Code: A Christopher Lance ThrillerThe Code: A Christopher Lance Thriller
by L. Jerome Word - Smashwords , 2014
Solve an unsolvable crime. Break an unbreakable code... A decade ago, Emily Stuart was America's sweetheart until the world class gymnast is murdered in her prime. But that's not all. Emily fell to a serial murderer known as the Code Killer...
The Brent Street HauntingThe Brent Street Haunting
by Saul Moon - Smashwords , 2013
Bible teacher Evangeline Weekes lodges with the Andrews family at No. 1 Brent Street. When a violent poltergeist invades the property, adolescent chemical worker David Andrews is blamed. But Evangeline is hiding a dark secret ...
Under Two FlagsUnder Two Flags
by Ouida - Chatto & Windus , 1912
Handsome young Bertie Cecil is forced to flee England when he accepts the blame for a scandal that threatens the honour of his mistress. Faking his death, Cecil heads to Algeria, where he enlists anonymously in the Foreign Legion...
Monster in the MirrorMonster in the Mirror
by Nicholas Antinozzi - Smashwords , 2013
Eddie and Charles Drummond are mirror twins, identical, yet opposite. Both men are married with families of their own. Sensitive, politically charged issues arise, which drive the families apart. Sparks fly as the far right meets the radical left.
A Passing CurseA Passing Curse
by C. R. Trolson - Smashwords , 2013
Homicide detective Reese Tarrant leaves the LAPD under a cloud of suspicion that he murdered serial killer Richard Lamb, dubbed by the media as the Anaheim Vampire for draining the blood from 13 women. Reese drives up the coast to Santa Marina ...
The Glass SkyThe Glass Sky
by Niko Perren - Drifter Books , 2013
When the Chief Biospherist to the UN is killed in a suspicious accident, Tania Black is unexpectedly thrust into the UN's top environmental job. An exciting and compassionate eco-thriller with real heroes and a mission worth caring about.
Artificial IntentionsArtificial Intentions
by Rosemarie D'Amico - Smashwords , 2013
Kate Monahan is back in this thrilling sequel to Options, the first Monahan mystery. After the unfortunate chain of events at TGC that left her unemployed, Kate is close to hitting rock bottom. She's working at new job she hates just to get by.
The Early Life and Adventures of Sylvia ScarlettThe Early Life and Adventures of Sylvia Scarlett
by Compton MacKenzie - ManyBooks , 1918
Here is the riveting classic from famed Scottish novelist Compton Mackenzie; the original crime thriller which was adapted in the Hollywood hit movie. Sylvia Scarlett and her father, Henry, flee France one step ahead of the police...
The Dark StarThe Dark Star
by Robert W. Chambers - ManyBooks , 1917
A pastor's daughter is inadvertently involved the heist of the famous Dark Star gem. Is there a prince who can save her from ruin and recover the stone? Chambers was one of the most successful literary careers of his period.
by Quelli di ZEd - Smashwords , 2012
Dolly is a noir novel sets in Genoa. The detective Esposito is a problematic police officer from the great professional dowries but affection from a serious illness that prevents him from living his own life and his own career in satisfactory way.
by Kevin O'Kane - ManyBooks , 2010
David and Todd are cyber geek friends who are dot-com rich and seriously dangerous. Jack is a drug lord who wants those secrets buried... An Orwellian thriller about a band of mild mannered computer geeks who are lords of an electronic empire.
Rule 14Rule 14
by William Blackwell - Smashwords , 2012
A financially-troubled family escapes the stress of city life and rents a cheaper home in the secluded countryside. Paradise rapidly transforms into a living hell as the strange landlords begin stalking them and uttering death threats...
The Second Bat Guano War: a Hard-Boiled Spy ThrillerThe Second Bat Guano War: a Hard-Boiled Spy Thriller
by J.M. Porup , 2012
Rats ate his baby while he partied in a disco. Now Horse is teaching English to criminals in Peru - plus doing the odd favor for the CIA. When his Agency contact goes missing, Horse uncovers his friend's involvement with a group of terrorists...
The House of WhispersThe House of Whispers
by William le Queux - Nash , 1910
A remarkable mystery story in which valuables disappear from locked safes; written and whispered warnings come out of nowhere and a murder is committed behind locked doors -- all in a modern New York apartment. Full of arresting situations...
Project ProxyProject Proxy
by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe - Smashwords , 2012
A technothriller about one man's unexpected woes created by a promotion he received at work. Rupert Blake is an experienced computer programmer. After an unexpected promotion, he is given the task of securing the company's computer system...
Codename VengeanceCodename Vengeance
by David Wright - Smashwords , 2012
German operative Henrik Kessler returns from America with a secret that could win the war for Germany, only to discover that his former fiance has been evacuated to a Jewish concentration camp deep in the Harz Mountains ...
The Last Ruler AliveThe Last Ruler Alive
by James Bryce - Smashwords , 2012
The Justice Secretary is hanged in a court. The Defence Secretary dies after visiting an army base. The Cabinet list becomes the media's death watch, as one by one the murders come. A statement claiming responsibility doesn't name the murderer...
The Paper FactoryThe Paper Factory
by Norrie Sinclair - Smashwords , 2012
Michael Berg's near destruction at the hands of a sociopath, intent on achieving world financial domination, reveals a clandestine group of elitist politicians and financiers who will do anything to hide the truth behind the Bilderberg Group...
by Victoria Rollison - Smashwords , 2012
Rookie journalist Alex North usually dismisses conspiracy theories. Soon she finds herself at the heart of what seems to be the mother of all conspiracies. Not only must she prevent a false flag nuclear attack, but also expose who is behind a plot.
Field WalkingField Walking
by John Bishop - Smashwords , 2012
When a hit man crashes his car on the way to assassinate the Reverend Max Kingsley, a team of undercover police is sent to the country town of Arajinna to protect him and his wife. But Lenny d'Aratzio, who ordered the hit, is not about to give up...
Capitol OffenseCapitol Offense
by Cheryl Bolen - Smashwords , 2012
As speech writer to the Texas lieutenant governor, Lacy Blair accidentally stumbles onto a high-level fraud involving state funds and masterminded by her boss. Since she can't risk snooping into the situation herself, she consults with an FBI agent.
Blood Is HeavierBlood Is Heavier
by Ella Medler - Smashwords , 2012
Nick Hunter used to be a contract killer. Shadows from his past step forward to shatter his short-lived peace and destroy his family. His wife is dead, his four-year old son kidnapped and it looks like someone is trying to frame him for murder ...
The Man with the ClubfootThe Man with the Clubfoot
by Valentine Williams - P. F. Collier & Son , 1918
An espionage/Adventure classic. Williams has penned a thrilling page-turner of mystery, love, adventure, and intrigue. Clubfoot, that sinister figure, who limps menacingly, is one of the most ingenious secret agents in Europe ...
The Cup of Fury: A Novel of Cities and ShipyardsThe Cup of Fury: A Novel of Cities and Shipyards
by Rupert Hughes - ManyBooks , 1919
This is the last term of the quantum field theory sequence. It is devoted to the standard model of particle physics, including both its conceptual foundations and its specific structure, and to some current research frontiers that grow out of it.
Black WoodsBlack Woods
by Laura Wright LaRoche - Smashwords , 2012
Avid mushroom hunters and volunteers with the local Search and Rescue Department, Laura and Julie, remember that first encounter in the woods years ago. Four young men, fun by nature, travel to the woods with high hopes of a hunt they won't forget.
Their Own GameTheir Own Game
by Duncan James - Smashwords , 2012
A top secret plan shifts the war on terrorism from the Middle East to Northern Ireland. Major Bill Clayton and his attractive sergeant Catherine Wilson hunt the killer of Clayton's uncle who was involved with Libyan terrorist weapons suppliers.
The Five ArrowsThe Five Arrows
by Allan Chase - ManyBooks , 1944
A story of high intrigue in South America, with the future of democracy on the continent the stake. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was still very much a topic of conversation; the submarine nets in the bay were joked about at the dinner table.
Sudden DeathSudden Death
by Michael Balkind - Smashwords , 2010
Reid Clark, a pro golfer, receives a death threat right before teeing off on the final day of the Master's Tournament. Suspense builds throughout as Reid tries to compete in one of golfs most prestigious events and woo the woman he loves.
Sharing Her CrimeSharing Her Crime
by May Agnes Fleming - G. W. Carleton & Co. , 1882
Another of Fleming's convoluted romances, full of dark murders, evil plots, dire prophecies and exaggerated characters. The novel centers on the tempestuous Gipsy Gower, who runs roughshod over the inhabitants of the village of St. Mark's.
Deadly StillwaterDeadly Stillwater
by Roger Stelljes - Smashwords , 2011
Award winning author, Roger Stelljes, delivers an action packed pulse pounding thriller. An abduction is just the beginning in a case of betrayal and revenge that will ultimately strike at the soul of the St. Paul Police Department.
The International SpyThe International Spy
by Allen Upward - ManyBooks , 1904
The author makes clear the sinking of the English fishing schooners by the Baltic fleet of Russia and brings in all kinds of events that seemed hallucinations when the story appeared serially, but which have since come true in startling manner.
The Riddle of the SandsThe Riddle of the Sands
by Erskine Childers - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
A seminal work of spy fiction first published in 1903, when it caused a sensation in Britain. It is a vivid account of German preparations to invade England, released at a time when tensions between the countries were rising.
Wherefore Love's ShadowWherefore Love's Shadow
by Kurt Ulmer - Feedbooks , 2011
A dramatic thriller novel propelled forward by mystery, suspense and violence interspersed, necessarily so, with romance and erotica. He was looking for love in all the wrong places. He wasn't asking for the great love, the grande affair ...
The Gold Comfit BoxThe Gold Comfit Box
by Valentine Williams - ManyBooks , 1932
About a dozen dead and injured had been extracted from the wreck, but they had no names as yet. I called the railway station and the ministry of Railways with no better result. There was nothing for it -- it would have to be a car.
by J.T. Warren - Feedbooks , 2011
This novel is unrelentingly bleak. It does not offer hope. You've been warned... Told in three alternating points of view, the plight of the Williams family will disturb. As disaster piles upon disaster, you will be helpless to stop reading.
Wrongful Death: The AIDS TrialWrongful Death: The AIDS Trial
by Stephen Davis - Smashwords , 2010
This is a work of fiction based on fact: the true story behind the government lies and incompetence, gross medical malpractice, and unbridled greed by a drug company that caused our American AIDS epidemic and cost 300,000 lives in just ten years.
The Golden Triangle: The Return of Arsene LupinThe Golden Triangle: The Return of Arsene Lupin
by Maurice LeBlanc , 1917
In this dramatic story M. Leblanc is chiefly concerned with the mystery that surrounds the 'Little Mother Coralie,' a volunteer nurse working in a military hospital in Paris, and Captain Belval, one of her patients who has lost a leg in the war.
Nick PT Barnum Case File: Dog Eats DogNick PT Barnum Case File: Dog Eats Dog
by Frank Atanacio - , 2008
Nick PT Barnum answers his phone to hear a chilling cry for help. The deacon Mike Brandon is in trouble, and he thinks he killed a man... From an illegal dog fighting ring to a corrupt business man has the City of Bridgeport caught up in turmoil.
The Gray MaskThe Gray Mask
by Wadsworth Camp - Doubleday, Page & Company , 1920
Before Batman, The Green Hornet, or The Shadow, there was the Gray Mask! A thriller by Charles Wadsworth Camp, a reclusive American writer who served as a war correspondent during World War I, author of The Abandoned Room and Sinister Island.
Cross-Over MurdersCross-Over Murders
by Frank Atanacio - , 2010
When illegal aliens are taking over our union jobs .. someone is out for revenge. Something sinister is about to happen and the City of Bridgeport is in for a killing spree it would never forget. In comes Nick Barnum who has to act like a decoy...
The FindingThe Finding
by Nicky Charles - Feedbooks , 2011
She discovered a dark secret, witnessed a murder and fled into the night fearing for her life. Three years later, she is still hiding from her past, haunted by a dream lover and fighting to control a beast that seems to grow stronger each day.
by Ray Weeks - Feedbooks , 2010
Clint has always tried to do the right thing. He was a loving father, a caring husband, and basically a good guy. That changed when he came home to find his children murdered and his wife tortured. Clint no longer cares about doing the right thing.
No NameNo Name
by Wilkie Collins - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
No Name by Wilkie Collins is a 19th-century novel revolving upon the issue of illegitimacy. It combines social commentary - the absurdity of the law as it applied to children of unmarried parents - with a densely-plotted revenge thriller.
The Green RustThe Green Rust
by Edgar Wallace - Project Gutenberg , 2008
The chase is on to stop Dr. Van Heerden before he can release the threat of the Green Rust and take over the world in this exciting page-turner, originally published in 1919, from the undisputed King of Thrillers, Edgar Wallace.
Soul IdentitySoul Identity
by Dennis Batchelder - Smashwords , 2009
What if you could bank your money for your next life? Computer security expert Scott Waverly is skeptical of his new client's claim that they've been tracking souls for almost twenty hundred years. Is it a freaky cult, or a sophisticated con job?
Twice TemptedTwice Tempted
by William Manchee - Vantage Press Inc. , 1997
When confronted with the chance of a lifetime, Fred Fuller discovers the shallowness of his morality. His moral values are shattered as he takes the money and attempts to flea the country. By a vicious twist of fate he is put on trial for murder.
by Bryce Beattie - CreateSpace , 2008
Terrorists have unleashed a devastating and bizarre virus in a small desert town. The government has quarantined the city, but is not sending aid. Oasis is the story of one man's struggle against the chaos that blankets the city.
by Robert Finn - ManyBooks , 2008
An ambitious debut that marries the crime novel with the occult thriller, a British variant on The Da Vinci Code and The Rule of Four. Being a thief makes it difficult to meet the right girl. And when you do, something always gets in the way.
Hideaway Hospital MurdersHideaway Hospital Murders
by Robert Burton Robinson , 2007
A small town is shaken by murders and kidnappings, striking too close to home for Greg Tenorly. The only witness is a neighbor whose remarks are rejected by the police as gibberish. Greg's investigation leads him into a hornet's nest of dark secrets.
Sons of the City: A NovelSons of the City: A Novel
by Scott Flander - Avon , 2003
The streets of Philadelphia are meaner than most, the city on the edge is about to explode. The killing of a cop has stoked racial tensions to the boiling point -- as angry police strike out in force, rounding up every young black man in sight.
by Steve Weinstein , 2007
Seeking vengeance a brilliant computer expert teams with Middle Eastern terrorists to overthrow the diamond syndicatel. This novel by Steve Weinstein is a good read that brings the diamond industry into a new perspective.