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Molecular SimulationMolecular Simulation
- Wikibooks , 2016
This is a book on computer simulation of matter. The book is built on the framework of statistical thermodynamics. It is intended to serve as the textbook for an advanced undergraduate / graduate physical chemistry course in molecular simulation.
Quantum Mechanics of the Chemical BondQuantum Mechanics of the Chemical Bond
by Peter E. Blöchl - TU Clausthal , 2014
This book shall provide some chemical insight for physicist and material scientists. It is devoted to simple concepts that only require back-on-the-envelope calculations. The emphasis is on qualitative considerations instead of accurate predictions.
Basic Physical ChemistryBasic Physical Chemistry
by Wolfgang Schärtl - Bookboon , 2014
Based on the principles of physics and mathematics to obtain quantitative relations, Physical Chemistry deals with the structure and dynamics of matter. This textbook is a complete introduction to physical chemistry on bachelor of science level.
Quantum Mechanics: Lecture Notes on Quantum ChemistryQuantum Mechanics: Lecture Notes on Quantum Chemistry
by Eric R. Bittner - University of Houston , 2003
Contents: Survey of Classical Mechanics; Waves and Wavefunctions; Semi-Classical Quantum Mechanics; Postulates of Quantum Mechanics; Bound States of Schroedinger Equation; Quantum Mechanics 3D; Perturbation theory; Many Body Quantum Mechanics.

Thermodynamic Extension of Density-functional TheoryThermodynamic Extension of Density-functional Theory
by Robert Balawender, Andrzej Holas - arXiv , 2012
Topics: Basic Massieu function, its Legendre and Massieu-Planck transforms for equilibrium state in terms of density matrix; Finite-temperature ensemble spin-density functional theory; Zero-temperature limit of the ensemble spin-density theory.
Introductory Physical ChemistryIntroductory Physical Chemistry
by David Ronis - McGill University , 2011
Topics: Probability and Statistics; The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution; Collision Rates, Diffusion and Viscosity; Collision Theory of the Rate Constant; First Law of Thermodynamics; Thermochemistry; Ideal Gas Carnot Engines and Efficiency; etc.
Physical Chemistry in BriefPhysical Chemistry in Brief
by J.P. Novak, S. Labik, I. Malijevska - Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague , 2005
The book covers the fundamental concepts of physical chemistry: state behaviour of gases, liquids, and solids, chemical thermodynamics, phase equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and transport processes, etc.
Thermodynamics and ChemistryThermodynamics and Chemistry
by Howard DeVoe , 2011
Thermodynamics and Chemistry is designed primarily as a textbook for a one-semester course in classical chemical thermodynamics at the graduate or undergraduate level. It can also serve as a supplementary text and thermodynamics reference source.
Many-body Perturbation Theory of MoleculesMany-body Perturbation Theory of Molecules
by S. Wilson , 2006
This text is concerned with the application of the many-body perturbation theory to arbitrary molecular systems. The method is computationally more efficient than other schemes and has a number of theoretical properties which make it attractive.
Quantum ChemistryQuantum Chemistry
by S. M. Blinder, Elvera Baron - University of Michigan , 2002
This course is designed to introduce students to a thorough, research-oriented view of Physical Chemistry. Students will solve the Schroedinger equation in 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensions for several problems of interest in chemistry.
An Introduction To ElectrochemistryAn Introduction To Electrochemistry
by Samuel Glasstone - Affiliated East West Press , 1942
The object of this book is to provide an introduction to electrochemistry in its present state of development. The book is suited to the needs of students of physical chemistry, and to those of chemists, physicists and physiologists.
Dynamics of Open Quantum SystemsDynamics of Open Quantum Systems
by Keith H. Hughes - CCP6 , 2006
The booklet contains primers to the topic of dissipative quantum systems and should serve as a guide to many of the recent developments in this field. It should be of interest to both the specialist and non-specialist in this field.
Applied ElectrochemistryApplied Electrochemistry
by Maurice de Kay Thompson - The MacMillan Company , 1911
This is an account of the most important electrochemical industries, as well as the principal applications of electrochemistry in the laboratory. The plan has been to discuss each subject from the theoretical and from the technical point of view.
Physical Chemistry for BeginnersPhysical Chemistry for Beginners
by Charles Marius Deventer - John Wiley & Sons , 1903
The author has endeavored to collect the most important results of physical chemistry in such a manner that this important branch of modern chemistry may be accessible to those who have not made an exhaustive study of physics and mathematics.
Textbook of Physical ChemistryTextbook of Physical Chemistry
by Azariah Thomas Lincoln - D. C. Heath & Co. , 1918
This textbook is intended primarily for students beginning the subject of Physical Chemistry. The experimental data are first presented with the statement of the laws, then the explanation of the facts by the formulation of the theory.
Physical ChemistryPhysical Chemistry
by Walter John Moore
An account of physical chemistry for students of science and engineering. The treatment is more precise than is customary in elementary books, and most of the relationships have been given at least a heuristic derivation from fundamental principles.
College Physics for Students of Biology and ChemistryCollege Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry
by Kenneth R. Koehler - Raymond Walters College , 2003
This textbook is intended as a vehicle for students in the biological and chemical sciences, enabling them to understand the physical underpinnings of their later studies. The systems under investigation will relate to human physiology.
Modern Methods and Algorithms of Quantum ChemistryModern Methods and Algorithms of Quantum Chemistry
by Johannes Grotendorst - NIC , 2000
In this volume, experts from the fields of quantum chemistry, computer science and applied mathematics, present recent methodological and computational advances to research students in the field of theoretical chemistry and their applications.
Chemical ThermodynamicsChemical Thermodynamics
by Leo Lue - BookBoon , 2009
From the table of contents: introduction, single component systems, multicomponent systems, the ideal solution model, partial molar properties, nonideal solutions, stability, solid-liquid equilibrium, gas solubility and Henry's law, and more.
A Brief Review of  Elementary Quantum ChemistryA Brief Review of Elementary Quantum Chemistry
by C. David Sherrill - Georgia Institute of Technology , 2001
The ebook covers the motivation for quantum mechanics, Schrödinger equation, postulates of quantum mechanics, some analytically soluble problems, approximate methods, molecular quantum mechanics, solving the electronic eigenvalue problem.
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to ChemistryIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry
by Linus Pauling, E. Bright Wilson - McGraw-Hill Education , 1935
This undergraduate-level text applies quantum mechanics to some chemical and physical problems, covering wave functions for the hydrogen atom, perturbation theory, the Pauli exclusion principle, and the structure of simple and complex molecules.