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Wessex TalesWessex Tales
by Thomas Hardy - The Macmillan Company , 1919
The stories take place in an imaginative locale, Wessex, based on the area around the author's home. Combining the real with the imagined, Hardy unfurls the ironies of everyday life; his introduction gives an appreciation of what is to come.
The Well-BelovedThe Well-Beloved
by Thomas Hardy - Harper & Brothers , 1905
Hardy reiterates his favourite themes of man's eternal quest for perfection in love and art, and the suffering that ensues. Powerful symbolism marks this romantic fantasy that Hardy has grounded firmly in reality with authentic rendering of location.
Under the Greenwood TreeUnder the Greenwood Tree
by Thomas Hardy - The Macmillan Company , 1912
Under the Greenwood Tree is Thomas Hardy's one and only rural idyll, a startling contrast to his other Wessex tales. It appears to be pastoral romance at its most sunlit and good humoured, and called the 'most nearly flawless of Hardy's novels'.

The Trumpet-MajorThe Trumpet-Major
by Thomas Hardy - ManyBooks , 1880
Anne Garland is pursued by three suitors: John Loveday, the trumpet major in a British regiment, honest and loyal; his brother Bob, a flighty sailor; and Festus Derriman, the cowardly nephew of the local squire. The setting is the Napoleonic wars.
Jude The ObscureJude The Obscure
by Thomas Hardy - Feedbooks , 1895
Hardy's masterpiece traces a poor stonemason's ill-fated romance with his free-spirited cousin. No Victorian institution is spared - marriage, religion, education - and the outrage following publication led the embittered author to renounce fiction.
The Romantic Adventures of a MilkmaidThe Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid
by Thomas Hardy - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Here, a modern romance is presented by Hardy in a beautiful manner. Set in a supernatural background, he presents a tale drenched in mystery and vagueness. With skillfully drawn characters, this is one of the shorter works by Hardy.
The WoodlandersThe Woodlanders
by Thomas Hardy - Project Gutenberg , 1996
Set in the beautiful Blackmoor Vale, The Woodlanders concerns the fortunes of Giles Winterborne, whose love for the well-to-do Grace Melbury is challenged by the arrival of the dashing and dissolute doctor, Edred Fitzpiers.
Desperate RemediesDesperate Remedies
by Thomas Hardy - ManyBooks , 1874
A tale of mystery, entanglement, surprise and moral obliquity. Blackmail, murder and romance are among the ingredients of Hardy's first published novel, and in it he draws blithely on the 'sensation novel' perfected by Wilkie Collins.
Return of the NativeReturn of the Native
by Thomas Hardy - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
One of Thomas Hardy's most powerful works, a tale of doomed love, passion, alienation, and melancholy as Hardy brilliantly explores that theme so familiar throughout his fiction: the diabolical role of chance in determining the course of a life.
Two on a TowerTwo on a Tower
by Thomas Hardy - MacMillan , 1923
The rich Lady Constantine lives a boring existence, also a chaste one, forced on her by an absent husband who may indeed be dead. But then she meets young Swithin, a naively ambitious astronomer, who shares with her his passion for the stars.
A Pair of Blue EyesA Pair of Blue Eyes
by Thomas Hardy - eBooks@Adelaide , 2006
Blue-eyed Elfride has little experience of the world beyond, and becomes entangled with two men. Written at a crucial time in Hardy's life, this book expresses more directly than any of his novels the events that made him the writer he was.
Life's Little IroniesLife's Little Ironies
by Thomas Hardy - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
The phrase 'life's little ironies' was coined by Hardy as the title for this volume. Unified by his irony, strong visual sense, and engaging characters, these stories deal with the tragic and the humorous, the metaphysical and the magical.
Far from the Madding CrowdFar from the Madding Crowd
by Thomas Hardy - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
The first of Hardy's novels to give the name of Wessex to the landscape of south-west England, and the first to gain him widespread popularity as a novelist. The story both upholds and questions rural values with a startlingly modern sensibility.
Tess of the d'UrbervillesTess of the d'Urbervilles
by Thomas Hardy - Nelson Doubleday , 1913
Hardy's simple girl Tess becomes a tragic heroine going from innocent girl at the beginning to pure woman whose life is shaped by events beyond her control. Perhaps the finest of the novels by Thomas Hardy and a masterpiece of tragic fiction.