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The House on the BeachThe House on the Beach
by George Meredith , 1877
A young woman is forced by conscience to become inappropriately engaged to a far older man, who threatens to reveal the secret that her father was previously a deserter. Although written in 1877, Meredith had started the story 15 years prior.
Beauchamp's CareerBeauchamp's Career
by George Meredith - Chapman & Hall , 1875
This novel portrays life and love in upper-class Radical circles and satirises the Conservative establishment. Meredith himself was inclined to think it his best novel, and the character Renee de Croisnel was his favourite of his creations.
A Deal with The DevilA Deal with The Devil
by Eden Phillpotts - Bliss, Sands and Foster , 1895
Before my grandpa, Daniel Dolphin, comes down to breakfast on the morning of his hundredth birthday, I may tell you something about him. He has been married three times; he has buried all his wives and all his children. There were five of the latter.
Dreamy HollowDreamy Hollow
by Sumner Charles Britton - World Syndicate Company, Inc. , 1921
Drury Villara suddenly retired and went to live in Dreamy Hollow, the home he built for the girl he was to marry, with hopes that the spirit of her dead body would be hovering around it. He is thoroughly convinced that 'there is no death' ...

The Demi-godsThe Demi-gods
by James Stephens - The Macmillan company , 1914
A group of ancient heroes in the form of winged angels show up one night in the camp of wandering Mac Canns. The little group wanders around rural Ireland: telling stories, creating mischief and running into some familiar yet often unwelcome faces.
Last PostLast Post
by Ford Madox Ford - Duckworth , 1928
Novel is set on a single post-war summer's day. Through their differing perspectives, Ford explores the tensions between his characters in a changing world, haunted by the experience of war, facing an insecure future for themselves and for England.
You Can't Go Home AgainYou Can't Go Home Again
by Thomas Wolfe - Harper & Brothers , 1940
A twentieth-century classic, Wolfe's magnificent novel is both the story of a young writer longing to make his mark upon the world and a sweeping portrait of America and Europe from the Great Depression through the years leading up to World War II.
Wounds in the RainWounds in the Rain
by Stephen Crane - Frederick A. Stokes Company , 1900
These tales are episodic, reports of isolated instances -- the humorous experiences of correspondents, the magnificent courage of signalmen under fire, the forgotten adventure of a converted yacht -- but all are instinct with the red fever of war.
War in HeavenWar in Heaven
by Charles Williams , 1930
Williams gives a contemporary setting to the traditional story of the Search for the Holy Grail. Examining the distinction between magic and religion, this book graphically portrays a metaphysical journey through the crevices of the human mind.
A Man and His MoneyA Man and His Money
by Frederic Stewart Isham - The Bobbs-Merrill Company , 1912
The hero is a young man who voluntarily gives up his millions to start at the bottom. For Horatio Heatherbloom -- which, as you may guess, was not really his name -- wealth had formed a handicap. So he went to work with his hands and his brain.
The Everlasting WhisperThe Everlasting Whisper
by Jackson Gregory - C. Scribner's Sons , 1922
This is the story of a strong man's struggle against savage nature and humanity, and of a beautiful girl's regeneration from a spoiled child of wealth into a courageous strong-willed woman. The book was first published in 1922.
The Unlit LampThe Unlit Lamp
by Radclyffe Hall - eBooks@Adelaide , 1924
The story of Joan Ogden, a young girl who dreams of setting up a flat in London with her friend Elizabeth (a so-called Boston marriage) and studying to become a doctor, but feels trapped by her manipulative mother's emotional dependence on her.
The Unbearable BassingtonThe Unbearable Bassington
by Saki - John Lane Co. , 1913
In the staid British society of 1900, the irresponsible Comus Bassington is always getting into trouble. What can be done with him? Ship him to the Colonies, where he can no longer embarrass his mother or break the hearts of girls...
The Web of LifeThe Web of Life
by Robert Herrick - ManyBooks , 1900
A realistic, and to a great extent, a philosophic study of modern American life: the scene is Chicago, and the writer gives searching views of society there. Robert Welch Herrick was a novelist who was part of a new generation of American realists.
The Isle of UnrestThe Isle of Unrest
by Henry Seton Merriman - Smith, Elder & Co. , 1900
The afternoon sun was lowering towards a heavy bank of clouds hanging still over the Mediterranean. A mistral was blowing. The last rays shone fiercely upon the towering coast of Corsica, and the windows of the village of Olmeta glittered like gold.
Redburn: His First VoyageRedburn: His First Voyage
by Herman Melville - Harper & Brothers , 1849
Widely believed to be among Melville's most popular works, the book follows the young Wellingborough Redburn on his first journey at sea. A boy on the verge of manhood, Redburn's decision to become a sailor is at odds with his gentle upbringing.
A Traveler from AltruriaA Traveler from Altruria
by William Dean Howells - Harper & Brothers Publishers , 1908
A utopian novel, set during the early 1890s in a fashionable summer resort somewhere on the East Coast. The social differences in America are shown by having the rich staying at a luxurious resort near the farms of workers in a lower class.
Guy and PaulineGuy and Pauline
by Compton MacKenzie - London M. Secker , 1915
The slow train puffed away into the unadventurous country; and the bees buzzing round the wine-dark dahlias along the platform were once again audible. The last farewell that Guy Hazlewood flung over his shoulder to a parting friend was casual ...
Through the Eye of the NeedleThrough the Eye of the Needle
by William Dean Howells - eBooks@Adelaide , 1907
Utopian Classic! Aristides Homos writes a series of letters home to his friend Cyril. Homos is now located in the densely urban environment of NY, where he confronts the contrasts between America and his own pastoral and agrarian Utopianism.
The Tower of OblivionThe Tower of Oblivion
by Oliver Onions - The Macmillan Company , 1921
An extravaganza based on the juvenating gland and its endless possibilities. A novel of topsy-turviness in man's aging process, so original in its conception that it would be a pity to summarize it for you - written with distinction of manner.
Some Do Not...Some Do Not...
by Ford Madox Ford - eBooks@Adelaide , 2012
Christopher and Valentine are on the verge of becoming lovers until he must return to his WWI regiment. An unforgettable exploration of the tensions of a society confronting catastrophe, sexuality, power, madness, and violence.
The Sorrows of SatanThe Sorrows of Satan
by Marie Corelli - Feedbooks , 1895
The Sorrows of Satan is an 1895 faustian novel by the British novelist Marie Corelli. Roundly condemned by critics for Corelli's moralistic and prosaic style, it is widely regarded as one of the world's first bestsellers.
A Sicilian RomanceA Sicilian Romance
by Ann Radcliffe - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
On the northern shores of Sicily stands a lonely castle, the home of an aristocratic family. The marquis of Mazzini has remarried and gone away to live with his new wife, abandoning his two daughters to wander the labyrinthine corridors alone.
by Charlotte Bronte - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Set during the Napoleonic wars, Shirley is a passionate depiction of conflict among classes, sexes, and generations. Struggling manufacturer Robert Moore considers marriage to the wealthy Shirley Keeldar, yet his heart lies with Caroline ...
by George Cary Eggleston, Dolores Marboug - Fords, Howard & Hulbert , 1891
Edgar Braine was never so blithe in all his life as on the morning of his suicide. Years after, in the swirl of his extraordinary career, the memory of that June morning, and of the mood in which he greeted it, would rush upon him as a flood.
The Last StoicThe Last Stoic
by Morgan Wade - Smashwords , 2012
This is a story about appetite and fear, both modern and ancient. Half of the story's narrative occurs in the time and place of the ancient Roman Empire; the other half occurs in the present-day United States, alternating from chapter to chapter.
Men in WarMen in War
by Andreas Latzko - ManyBooks , 1918
An Austrian officer pictures war as a sickening horror and an exploitation of the poor. Its sordidness being entirely unrelieved by any ideal of patriotism, it may tend to leave an impression of the utter unjustifiability of either side of the war.
What Lies BuriedWhat Lies Buried
by John Bishop - Smashwords , 2012
A story of family secrets and misunderstandings, and the way in which they impact down the generations. The notion of things being buried is a metaphor for all kinds of issues including, art fraud, family feuds, and holocaust survival.
Sartor ResartusSartor Resartus
by Thomas Carlyle - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
An introduction to a strange history of clothing by the German Professor of Things in General, Diogenes Teufelsdrockh; its deeper concerns are social injustice, the right way of living in the world, and large questions of faith and understanding.
Jimmie HigginsJimmie Higgins
by Upton Sinclair - ManyBooks , 1919
Jimmie Higgins is the fellow who does the hard work in the job of waking up the workers. Jimmie hates war -- all war -- and fights against it with heart and soul. But war comes, and Jimmie is drawn into it, whether he will or not.
The Way of All FleshThe Way of All Flesh
by Samuel Butler - Feedbooks , 1902
An autobiographical novel that attacks Victorian hypocrisy as it traces four generations of the Pontifex family. Butler dared not publish it during his lifetime, but when it was published, it was a part of the general revulsion against Victorianism.
Sergeant Back AgainSergeant Back Again
by Charles Coleman - PTSD PRESS , 2010
A gripping drama of the psychological trials and tribulations of a talented Army medic serving in a besieged surgical field hospital at the height of the Vietnam War. Insightful novel depicting the early signs, symptoms and origins of PTSD.
The Conquest of CanaanThe Conquest of Canaan
by Booth Tarkington - ManyBooks , 1905
The Conquest of Canaan is the story of social pariah Joe Louden, who as a young man is the subject of much gossip and malignment in the small Midwestern city of Canaan. After much opposition, he wins the respect of the townspeople ...
Caleb WilliamsCaleb Williams
by William Godwin - Feedbooks , 1794
A tale of gripping suspense and psychological power, the novel creates a searing depiction of the intolerable persecution meted out to a good man in pursuit of justice. Written to expose the corrupt hierarchies its author saw in the world around him.
The Rise of Silas LaphamThe Rise of Silas Lapham
by William Dean Howells - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
About the materialistic rise of Silas Lapham from rags to riches. Silas earns a fortune in the paint business, but he lacks social standards, and morals, which he tries to attain through his daughter's marriage to an aristocratic Corey family.
Martin EdenMartin Eden
by Jack London - Feedbooks , 1909
This is a novel by American author Jack London, about a struggling young writer. This book is a favorite among writers, who relate to Martin Eden's speculation that when he mailed off a manuscript, there was no human editor at the other end.
A Sentimental Journey Through France and ItalyA Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
by Laurence Sterne - Project Gutenberg , 1997
Celebrated in its own day as the progenitor of 'a school of sentimental writers', A Sentimental Journey has outlasted its many imitators. Setting out to journey to France and Italy he gets little further than Lyons but finds much to appreciate.
Rasselas, Prince of AbyssiniaRasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
by Samuel Johnson - Project Gutenberg , 1996
Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia, leaves the easy life of the Happy Valley, accompanied by his sister. Johnson's tale is not only a satire on optimism, but also an expression of truth about the human mind and its infinite capacity for hope.
The Evil GeniusThe Evil Genius
by Wilkie Collins - Project Gutenberg , 2008
The story of divorce and remarriage, unfaithfulness, and children battered helplessly on the storms of their parents' passions. Collins' boldness in drawing sympathetic portraits of both the wife and 'the other woman' is astonishingly modern.
The AwakeningThe Awakening
by Kate Chopin - H. S. Stone & company , 1899
The Awakening is a short novel by Kate Chopin, first published in 1899. It so disturbed critics and the public that it was banished for decades afterward. This brief novel is widely considered to be a proto-feminist precursor to American modernism.
Of Human BondageOf Human Bondage
by Somerset Maugham - George H. Doran Company , 1915
From an orphan with a clubfoot, Philip Carey grows into an impressionable young man with a voracious appetite for adventure and knowledge. Then he falls obsessively in love, embarking on a disastrous relationship that will change his life forever.
The Moon and SixpenceThe Moon and Sixpence
by Somerset Maugham - Heinemann , 1919
A complex story of Charles Strickland, a man who abandons his secure life as an English businessman to pursue an uncertain existence as an artist, from Paris slums to the lush fertility of Tahiti, and into the glory of the creative wilderness.
The Good SoldierThe Good Soldier
by Ford Madox Ford - The Bodley Head , 1915
A veteran of service in India, Captain Edward Ashburnham appears to be the ideal 'good soldier' and the embodiment of English upper-class virtues. But for his creator, Ford Madox Ford, he also represents the corruption at society's core
Agnes GreyAgnes Grey
by Anne Brontë - Pennsylvania State University , 2007
Bronte's daring first novel was hailed as the most perfect prose narrative in English literature. Originally quite scandalous and drawing from the author's own life, this biting social commentary exposes the hardships of a governess's life.
The JungleThe Jungle
by Upton Sinclair - Grosset & Dunlap , 1906
A vivid portrait of life and death in a turn-of-the-century American meat-packing factory. A grim indictment that led to government regulations of the food industry, The Jungle is Sinclair's contribution to literature and social reform.
Jacob the UnicornJacob the Unicorn
by Stephen Boyer , 2007
Jacob is a young man who is seeking his path in the world. He comes from an abusive upbringing and seeks to escape from his misfortunes. Much of the story is set in Jacob's internal world where he fantasizes the good life, unicorns, and love.
Hillary MaloneHillary Malone
by Christopher Olander - Novelmaker , 2007
A tragic novel about an American ingenue who lives among the misfits and artists in Paris in the 1920s, looking to have impact on them, only to be, as one of the liberated American women, abused by the men from whom she sought stimulation or solace.