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Elementary Physics II: Oscillations, WavesElementary Physics II: Oscillations, Waves
by Satindar Bhagat - Bookboon , 2014
We begin by discussing waves in matter - sound being a special case. To understand the nature of light we begin by introducing Electric and Magnetic fields and build the relationships which develop into the Maxwell's Electromagnetic Field Equations.
The Physics of Ocean WavesThe Physics of Ocean Waves
by Michael Twardos - SurfLibrary.org , 2004
This text is intended to be a general but comprehensive overview on physical phenomena associated with the marine environment. The author provides his own perspective on this field from his particular experiences and training.
Oscillations, Waves, and InteractionsOscillations, Waves, and Interactions
by Thomas Kurz, Ulrich Parlitz, Udo Kaatze - Universitätsverlag Göttingen , 2007
The subjects covered vary from speech and hearing research to flow control and active control systems, from bubble oscillations to cavitation structures, from ordering phenomena in liquids and solids to complex dynamics of chaotic nonlinear systems.

Lectures on Wave PropagationLectures on Wave Propagation
by G.B. Whitham - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research , 1979
The first three chapters provide basic background on the theory of characteristics and shock waves. The main content is an entirely new presentation. It is on water waves, with special emphasis on old and new results for waves on a sloping beach.
- Wikibooks , 2012
The wave is a physical phenomenon that is found in a variety of contexts. The purpose of this text is to describe the kinematics of waves, i.e., to provide tools for describing the form and motion of all waves irrespective of their mechanisms.
Surface WavesSurface Waves
by John V. Wehausen, Edmund V. Laitone - Springer , 1960
Since its first publication this article has been an inspirational resource for students and researchers in the various fields of science and engineering. This may be attributed to its encyclopedic scope and to the scholarly efforts of the authors.
The Physics of WavesThe Physics of Waves
by Howard Georgi - Prentice Hall , 2007
The first complete introduction to waves and wave phenomena by a renowned theorist. Covers damping, forced oscillations and resonance; normal modes; symmetries; traveling waves; signals and Fourier analysis; polarization; diffraction.
by C. A. Coulson - Oliver And Boyd , 1941
The object of this book is to consider from an elementary standpoint as many different types of wave motion as possible. In almost every case the fundamental problem is the same, since it consists in solving the standard equation of wave motion.
Wave Propagation in Materials for Modern ApplicationsWave Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications
by Andrey Petrin - InTech , 2010
The advances in nanotechnology give rise new types of materials with unique properties. This book is devoted to the modern methods in electrodynamics and acoustics, developed to describe wave propagation in these modern materials and nanodevices.
Water Waves: The Mathematical Theory With ApplicationsWater Waves: The Mathematical Theory With Applications
by J. J. Stoker - Interscience Publishers , 1957
Offers an integrated account of the mathematical hypothesis of wave motion in liquids with a free surface, subjected to gravitational and other forces. Uses both potential and linear wave equation theories, together with applications.
Mechanical VibrationMechanical Vibration
by Janusz Krodkiewski , 2008
Introduction to the theory of vibrations of mechanical systems. First part, Modelling and Analysis, is devoted to this solution that can be approximated by the linear models. The second part is on experimental investigations.
Vibrations and WavesVibrations and Waves
by Benjamin Crowell - lightandmatter.com , 2008
This is a text on vibrations and waves for an introductory college physics class. The treatment is algebra-based, with optional sections of calculus applications. This book is part of the Light and Matter series of introductory physics textbooks.