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IT Project GovernanceIT Project Governance
by Magnus Mähring - EFI at SSE , 2002
This dissertation investigates how executives engage in information technology projects and how organizational control of IT projects forms and evolves over time. It contains an in-depth account of a large IT project in a financial company.
Project Shrink Linear EditionProject Shrink Linear Edition
by Bas de Baar - Project Shrink , 2009
This Project Management book includes the following topics: Project Sociology, Social Groups, Flexible Mind, Complex Adaptive Systems, Social Networks And Game Theory, OODA: Individuals Interacting, Resilience, Complexity On Mulitiple Levels, etc.

Project Management HandbookProject Management Handbook
by Wouter Baars - , 2006
This handbook is intended for projects that are conducted by DANS. It describes a working method that can be followed for traditional projects, and than, the working method for IT projects, particularly those that involve software development.
97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know
by Barbee Davis, Harry Tucker - O'Reilly , 2009
This book offers knowledge that's priceless, gained through years of trial and error. The book contains 97 short and extremely practical tips, from some of the world's most experienced project managers and software developers.
Mastering Software Project ManagementMastering Software Project Management
by Hsiang Tao Yeh - , 2006
This book is focused on applying the management principles to technical projects and software and system project management. The author discusses provocative statements, key ideas and techniques, useful practices, examples and stories, and more.
A Project Management PrimerA Project Management Primer
by Nick Jenkins , 2006
A guide to making projects work. Many projects fail because of the simplest of causes. You don’t have to be a genius to deliver a project on time, nor do you have to be steeped in a mystical project management methodology to be a project manager.
Project Management BookProject Management Book
by Michael Harding Roberts - , 2009
The text covers projects and stages, roles and responsibilities, risk management, estimating, planning, tracking, controlling and reporting, quality management, etc. The book will also be of interest to non-IT people involved in IT projects.