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Eat for LifeEat for Life
by Catherine E. Woteki, Paul R. Thomas - National Academies , 1992
The subject is readily accessible to nonscientists in this friendly, easy-to-read guide. Readers will find the heart of the book in the first chapter: the Food and Nutrition Board's dietary plan to reduce the risk of diet-related chronic illness.

Nutrition and Well-Being A to ZNutrition and Well-Being A to Z
- faqs.org , 2009
Comprehensive encyclopedia that will be of use to students researching health and food-science topics. The set examines a variety of subjects such as 'Antioxidants', 'Appetite', 'Fats', 'Malnutrition', 'Soy', and 'Organic Foods'.

Six Arguments for a Greener DietSix Arguments for a Greener Diet
by Michael F. Jacobson - Center for Science in the Public Interest , 2006
Examination of scientific studies finds that eating more plant foods and fewer fatty animal products can lead to extra years of healthy living. This book is a description of the links between our diet and serious environmental and health problems.

Healthy Eating for LifeHealthy Eating for Life
by Neal D. Barnard - The Cancer Project , 2008
Some diets have a preventive effect for many types of cancer. Boosting your intake of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables strengthens your immune system and helps knock out cancer cells. It is also smart to avoid meats, dairy products, and fried foods.

The Hacker's DietThe Hacker's Diet
by John Walker , 2005
A serious book on how to lose weight or maintain the weight you desire. It treats dieting from an engineering standpoint, and permits the reader to gain control of their own weight. Intended primarily for busy programmers, engineers, and managers.