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Lectures on the Philosophy of MathematicsLectures on the Philosophy of Mathematics
by James Byrnie Shaw - Open Court Pub. Co , 1918
The author delivered a course of lectures to widen the field in the way of making it intelligible to all students of fair mathematical knowledge, which could be accomplished best by considering mathematics constantly in its historical development.
The Philosophy of MathematicsThe Philosophy of Mathematics
by Auguste Comte - Harper & brothers , 1851
The book presents a map of the wide region of mathematical science -- a bird's-eye view of its features, and of the true bearings and relations of all its parts. Auguste Comte was the first philosopher of science in the modern sense of the term.
Aesthetics for the Working MathematicianAesthetics for the Working Mathematician
by Jonathan M. Borwein - DocServer , 2001
Most research mathematicians neither think deeply about nor are terribly concerned about either pedagogy or the philosophy of mathematics. Nonetheless, as I hope to indicate, aesthetic notions have always permeated (pure and applied) mathematics.

Introduction to Mathematical PhilosophyIntroduction to Mathematical Philosophy
by Bertrand Russell - University of Massachusetts Amherst , 2009
A very accessible mathematical classic. It sets forth in elementary form the logical definition of number, the analysis of the notion of order, the modern doctrine of the infinite, and the theory of descriptions and classes as symbolic fictions.
The Philosophy of MathematicsThe Philosophy of Mathematics
by Albert Taylor Bledsoe - J.B. Lippincott & Co , 1868
The text covers first principles of the infinitesimal method, the method of indivisibles, solution of the mystery of Cavalieri's method, the method of Descartes, or analytical geometry, the method of Leibnitz, the method of Newton.