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The Essential Elementary and Intermediate AlgebraThe Essential Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
by Jon Blakely - JonBlakely.com , 2016
Contents: Linear Equations and Inequalities; Polynomials; Factoring; Rational Expressions; Linear Equations in Two Variables; Systems of Linear Equations; Radicals; Functions; Quadratic Equations; Exponentials and Logarithms; Conic Sections; etc.
First Year MathematicsFirst Year Mathematics
by George W. Evans, John A. Marsh - Charles E. Merrill company , 1916
This book is intended to be completed in the first year of the high school. It presents algebraic equations primarily as a device for the solution of problems stated in words, and gives a complete treatment of numerical equations ...
Elements of AlgebraElements of Algebra
by Arthur Schultze - The Macmillan Company , 1917
The attempt is made here to shorten the usual course in algebra, while still giving to the student complete familiarity with all the essentials of the subject. All parts of the theory which are beyond the comprehension of the student are omitted.

Algebraic Problems and Exercises for High SchoolAlgebraic Problems and Exercises for High School
by I. Goian, R. Grigor, V. Marin, F. Smarandache - The Educational Publisher , 2015
In this book, you will find algebra exercises and problems, grouped by chapters, intended for higher grades in high schools or middle schools of general education. Its purpose is to facilitate training in mathematics for students in all high schools.
Understanding AlgebraUnderstanding Algebra
by James W. Brennan , 2011
A brief overview of pre-algebra and introductory algebra topics. This text is suitable for high-school Algebra I, as a refresher for college students preparing for college-level mathematics, or for anyone who wants to learn introductory algebra.
College Mathematics: AlgebraCollege Mathematics: Algebra
- Wikipedia , 2014
This book is a study guide for fullsail research. From the table of contents: Basic Algebra; Routine Functions; Algebraic Structures; Notation and Symbols; Distribution; Orders of Operations; Numbers; Special References; and more.
Supplementary AlgebraSupplementary Algebra
by Robert L. Short - D.C. Heath & Co. , 1905
Large number of requests coming from teachers for supplementary work in algebra has led me to collect such material into a monograph, hoping to furnish the teacher with methods and supplementary work by which he may brighten up the algebra review.
Easy Mathematics: Arithmetic and Algebra for General ReadersEasy Mathematics: Arithmetic and Algebra for General Readers
by Oliver Lodge - The Macmillan Company , 1910
Arithmetic and algebra for general readers, being an elementary treatise addressed to teachers, parents, self-taught students and adults. It is not exactly a book for children, though I hope that elder children will take a lively interest in it.
Advanced AlgebraAdvanced Algebra
by Herbert E. Hawkes - Ginn and Company , 1905
This book is designed for use in secondary schools and in short college courses. It aims to present in concise but clear form the portions of algebra that are required for entrance to the most exacting colleges and technical schools.
Beginning and Intermediate AlgebraBeginning and Intermediate Algebra
by Tyler Wallace - Lulu.com , 2010
Topics covered include: pre-algebra review, solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, inequalities, systems of linear equations, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions and equations, radicals, quadratics, and functions, etc.
Quantitative Analysis: Algebra with a Business PerspectiveQuantitative Analysis: Algebra with a Business Perspective
by Donna M. Wacha - Bookboon , 2013
Written by an experienced mathematics teacher, this e-book is presented in tutorial fashion as if a tutor was sitting next to you ... talking you through the examples. All you need to do is turn to whatever presentation you wish ...
High School AlgebraHigh School Algebra
by J.T. Crawford - The Macmillan Company , 1916
This text covers the work prescribed for entrance to the Universities and Normal Schools. The book is written from the standpoint of the pupil, and in such a form that he will be able to understand it with a minimum of assistance from the teacher.
Advanced AlgebraAdvanced Algebra
by Arthur Schultze - The Macmillan Company , 1906
The book is designed to meet the requirements for admission to our best universities and colleges. The author has aimed to make this treatment simple and practical, without, however, sacrificing scientific accuracy and thoroughness.
Fundamentals of High School MathematicsFundamentals of High School Mathematics
by Harold O. Rugg, John R. Clark - Yonkers-on-Hudson, N.Y. , 1918
The text is organized to provide the pupil with the maximum opportunity to do genuine thinking, real problem-solving, rather than to emphasize the drill or manipulative aspects which now commonly require most of the pupil's time.
Numbers and Symbols: From Counting to Abstract AlgebrasNumbers and Symbols: From Counting to Abstract Algebras
by Roy McWeeny - Learning Development Institute , 2007
This book is written in simple English. Its subject 'Number and symbols' is basic to the whole of science. The aim the book is to open the door into Mathematics, ready for going on into Physics, Chemistry, and the other Sciences.
Algebra Study GuideAlgebra Study Guide
by John Redden , 2012
This study guide is designed to supplement your current textbook. It is a solutions oriented approach to Algebra. This guide shows what steps to include when working Algebra problems. Take time to try the problems without looking at the solutions.
Primary MathematicsPrimary Mathematics
- Wikibooks , 2012
This book focuses on primary school mathematics for students, whether children or adults. It is assumed that no calculators are used, to encourage mental arithmetic. This course uses as much lay language as possible to also be helpful to parents.
A Review of AlgebraA Review of Algebra
by Romeyn Henry Rivenburg - American Book Company , 1914
The object of this book is to provide a thorough and effective review that is necessary in order to prepare college candidates for the entrance examinations and for effective work in the freshman year in college. This is the 1914 edition.
CK-12 Algebra ICK-12 Algebra I
by Andrew Gloag, Anne Gloag - CK-12 Basic Algebra Concepts , 2010
CK-12 Foundation's Algebra FlexBook is an introduction to algebraic concepts for the high school student. Topics include: Equations and Functions, Real Numbers, Equations of Lines, Solving Systems of Equations and Quadratic Equations.
Elementary AlgebraElementary Algebra
by John Redden - The Saylor Foundation , 2011
This book takes the best of the traditional, practice-driven algebra texts and combines it with modern amenities to influence learning, like online/inline video solutions, as well as other media driven features that only an online text can deliver.
A Problem-Solving Approach to College AlgebraA Problem-Solving Approach to College Algebra
by Marcel B. Finan - Arkansas Tech University , 2002
This book is a non traditional textbook in college algebra. Its primary objective is to encourage students to learn from asking questions rather than reading a detailed explanations of the material discussed in a typical textbook.
A First Book in AlgebraA First Book in Algebra
by Wallace C. Boyden - Project Gutenberg , 2004
It is expected that this work will result in a knowledge of general truths about numbers, and an increased power of clear thinking. The book is prepared for classes in the upper grades of grammar schools, or any classes of beginners.
A Practical ArithmeticA Practical Arithmetic
by Frank Lincoln Stevens - C. Scribner's sons , 1910
The primary object of arithmetic is to enable the student to acquire skill in computation. In addition to the attainment of this essential end, great benefit is derived from the exercise of the reasoning powers and their consequent development.
Algebra for BeginnersAlgebra for Beginners
by James Loudon - Copp, Clark & Co , 1876
Contents: Addition; Subtraction; Double Signs and Brackets; Multiplication; Division; Simple Equations; Involution and Evolution; The Highest Common Measure; The Lowest Common Multiple; Fractions; Quadratic Equations; Simultaneous Equations; etc.
Algebra IAlgebra I
- CK-12 Foundation , 2009
CK-12 Foundation's Algebra FlexBook is an introduction to algebraic concepts for the high school student. Topics include: Equations and Functions, Real Numbers, Equations of Lines, Solving Systems of Equations and Quadratic Equations.
College AlgebraCollege Algebra
by Carl Stitz, Jeff Zeager , 2013
From the table of contents: Relations and Functions; Linear and Quadratic Functions; Polynomial Functions; Rational Functions; Exponential and Logarithmic Functions; Conics; Systems of Equations and Matrices; Sequences and the Binomial Theorem.
Fundamentals of MathematicsFundamentals of Mathematics
by Denny Burzynski, Wade Ellis - Saunders College Publishing , 1989
The text covers the topics studied in a modern prealgebra course, as well as topics of estimation, elementary analytic geometry, and introductory algebra. Useful for students who need to review fundamental mathematical concepts and techniques.
Elementary AlgebraElementary Algebra
by Denny Burzynski, Wade Ellis - Saunders College Publishing , 1989
This text covers the traditional topics studied in a modern elementary algebra course for students who have no exposure to elementary algebra, have had an unpleasant experience with elementary algebra, or need to review algebraic concepts.
Inner AlgebraInner Algebra
by Aaron Maxwell - Lulu.com , 2005
Learn to do algebra mentally and intuitively: mathematicians use their minds in ways that make math easy for them. This book teaches you how to do the same, focusing on algebra. As you read and do the exercises, math becomes easier and more natural.
College AlgebraCollege Algebra
by Paul Dawkins - Lamar University , 2011
These notes are accessible to anyone wanting to learn Algebra or needing a refresher for algebra. While there is some review of exponents, factoring and graphing it is assumed that not a lot of review is needed to remind you how these topics work.
Essential MathematicsEssential Mathematics
by Franco Vivaldi , 2006
Essential Mathematics is written for students who reach university without elementary algebra and arithmetic skills. The book consists of exercises on fractions, roots, monomials and polynomials, linear and quadratic equations.
Reasonable Basic AlgebraReasonable Basic Algebra
by Alain Schremmer , 2008
Reasonable Basic Algebra (RBA) is a course of study developed to allow a significantly higher percentage of students to complete Differential Calculus in three semesters. It may serve in a similar manner students with different goals.