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Tales of Two PeopleTales of Two People
by Anthony Hope - Methuen & Co. , 1907
Ambrose Calverley, who has travelled and adventured for many years, returns to England on the death of his father. He takes up residence at Scarsmore Castle on the coast of Yorkshire, with his friends Leonard 'Cromlech' Stubb, a history researcher...
A Change of AirA Change of Air
by Anthony Hope - Henry Holt & Co. , 1894
Dale Bannister, the wild young poet, is a most picturesque character. The story moves on steadily, and while it teaches a lesson of charity, it does so entirely by the acts of the characters without any sermonizing on the part of the author.
The Heart of Princess OsraThe Heart of Princess Osra
by Anthony Hope - Longmans, Green , 1896
The stories deal with the love life of Princess Osra, younger sister of Rudolf III, the shared ancestor of Rudolf Rassendyll, the English gentleman who acts as political decoy inThe Prisoner of Zenda, and Rudolph V of the House of Elphberg.
The Secret of the TowerThe Secret of the Tower
by Anthony Hope - D. Appleton & co. , 1919
A swashbuckling tale of romance and adventure. The book was published in 1919 and takes place in a little village just outside of London. Something odd is going on in Cottage Tower and the townsfolk of Inkston are trying to figure it out.

The God in the CarThe God in the Car
by Anthony Hope - D. Appleton & co. , 1894
Next door to Mrs. Dennison's large house in Curzon Street there lived, in a small house, a friend of hers, a certain Mrs. Cormack. She was a Frenchwoman, who had been married to an Englishman, and was now his most resigned widow ...
Second StringSecond String
by Anthony Hope - ManyBooks , 1910
A story of class differences, small-town scandal, politics and romance in early 20th Century England. Andy Hayes has just returned to his home-town of Meriton. There he meets his old friend Harry Belfield, the son of a wealthy estate owner ...
Rupert of HentzauRupert of Hentzau
by Anthony Hope - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
Foiled in his previous attempts to gain power in Ruritania, Rupert, prince of villains, seeks revenge. Every year, Queen Flavia sends a rose to Rassendyll, the man she loves and when she is indiscreet enough to send a letter, Rupert sees his chance.
The Prisoner of ZendaThe Prisoner of Zenda
by Anthony Hope - H. Holt and company , 1894
A really exciting adventure novel, the fast moving action, travel to a distant country, royalty, beautiful damsels, nefarious villains, dashing military officers with flashing sabers, castles, swashbuckling, kidnappings, escapes.