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Can Biotechnology Abolish Suffering?Can Biotechnology Abolish Suffering?
by David Pearce - Smashwords , 2017
This book is a collection of essays by utilitarian philosopher David Pearce. The essays deal with the abolition of suffering through biotechnology, negative utilitarianism, the nature of consciousness, and the future of intelligent life.
Modern PhilosophyModern Philosophy
by Walter Ott, Alex Dunn - BCcampus , 2013
This is a textbook in modern philosophy. It combines readings from primary sources with two pedagogical tools. Paragraphs in italics introduce figures and texts. Numbered study questions ask students to reconstruct an argument from the text.
What is Philosophy?: Embodiment, Signification, IdealityWhat is Philosophy?: Embodiment, Signification, Ideality
by Jere Surber - , 2014
The enterprise of philosophy has been under sustained attack throughout the 20th century. This work attempts to diagnose the roots of these assaults and responds to them by developing a new constructive and systematic 'image of philosophy.'
The Clever BodyThe Clever Body
by Gabor Csepregi - University of Calgary Press , 2006
In The Clever Body, Gabor Csepregi describes in detail the nature and scope of the human body's innate abilities: sensibility, spontaneity, mimetic faculty, sense of rhythm, memory, and imagination and reflects on their significance in human life.

Civilisation: Its Cause and CureCivilisation: Its Cause and Cure
by Edward Carpenter - George Allen & Unwin Ltd. , 1921
Carpenter proposes that civilisation is a form of disease that human societies pass through. Civilisations, he says, rarely last more than a thousand years before collapsing, and no society has ever passed through civilisation successfully.
Natural PhilosophyNatural Philosophy
by Wilhelm Ostwald - Henry Holt and Co. , 1910
This book is meant to serve as the first aid and guide in the acquisition of comprehensive notions of the external world and the inner life. It is meant to uphold the scientific method, which takes its problems from experience and for experience.
Theory of the PersonTheory of the Person
by Antonio Mercurio - Sophia University of Rome , 2010
Do we really know what meaning to give to the term PERSON? In this book, the author proposes the following answer: a PERSON is a spiritual, unifying principle that is endowed with its own freedom and its own identity, it is an end unto itself...
Telemorphosis: Theory in the Era of Climate ChangeTelemorphosis: Theory in the Era of Climate Change
by Tom Cohen (ed.) - MPublishing , 2012
This volume gathers notable philosophers to engage the predominant impasse of an emerging era of climate change and ecocatastrophic acceleration: that is, how critical practices inherited from 20th century thinkers alter at the current moment.
Greeks To Geeks: Practical Stoicism in the 21st CenturyGreeks To Geeks: Practical Stoicism in the 21st Century
by Rohan Healy , 2013
Welcome to the timeless wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism. Come and see why I and a growing number of people around the world have turned to the ancient teachings of Stoicism for a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.
Cultural Software: A Theory of IdeologyCultural Software: A Theory of Ideology
by J.M. Balkin - Yale University Press , 2003
Cultural Software explains ideology as a result of the cultural evolution of bits of cultural knowhow, or memes. It is the first book to apply theories of cultural evolution to the problem of ideology and justice. An impressive and helpful book.
Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
by Edward N. Zalta (ed.) - Stanford University , 2012
Encyclopedia was designed so that each entry is kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field. All entries and substantive updates are refereed by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board before they are made public.
The Subjection of WomenThe Subjection of Women
by John Stuart Mill - eBooks@Adelaide , 2012
The renowned and influential essay by the great English philosopher argues for equality in all legal, political, social and domestic relations between men and women. Carefully reasoned and clearly expressed with great logic and consistency ...
The AntichristThe Antichrist
by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - Alfred A. Knopf , 1918
Here is Friedrich Nietzsche's great masterpiece The Anti-Christ, wherein Nietzsche attacks Christianity as a blight on humanity. This is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand Nietzsche and his place within the history of philosophy.
The Philosophy of DisenchantmentThe Philosophy of Disenchantment
by Edgar Saltus - Houghton Mifflin Company , 1887
This book is a refreshing, unique look at the nature of life, told from a Schopenhauerian perspective. Saltus makes the point that this is far from being the 'best of all possible worlds.' Rather, life is a grievous burden to be borne.
by Mark Pestana - InTech , 2012
This collection will give readers a sense of the type of metaphysical investigations that are now being carried out by thinkers in the Western nations. We also hope that the reader's curiosity will be peaked so that further inquiry will follow.
The Science of RightThe Science of Right
by Immanuel Kant - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
The Science of Right has for its object the principles of all the laws which it is possible to promulgate by external legislation. Where there is such a legislation, it becomes, in actual application to it, a system of positive right and law.
by Maurice Maeterlinck - Dodd, Mead and Company , 1912
A philosophical look at death, life and what comes afterwards. Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard, Count Maeterlinck, was a Belgian poet, playwright, and essayist writing in French. The main themes in his work are death and the meaning of life.
The Complete AristotleThe Complete Aristotle
by Aristotle - Feedbooks , 2009
Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who changed the course of Western philosophy. He has gone down in history as one of the greatest philosophers of all time. This collection of works has been adapted from the collection of The University of Adelaide.
Decision Theory: A Brief IntroductionDecision Theory: A Brief Introduction
by Sven Ove Hansson - KTH Stockholm , 1994
This text is a non-technical overview of modern decision theory. It is intended for university students with no previous acquaintance with the subject, and was primarily written for the participants of a course on risk analysis.
The Complete PlatoThe Complete Plato
by Plato - Feedbooks , 2011
Plato was a Greek philosopher and mathematician of the Classic Age who founded the Academy of Athens. He has distinguished himself as one of the founders of Western philosophy by recording the teachings of his master and his own philosophies.
The Problems of PhilosophyThe Problems of Philosophy
by Bertrand Russell - Project Gutenberg , 2004
This classic work is an approachable introduction to the theory of philosophical enquiry. It gives Russell's views on distinction between appearance and reality, the existence and nature of matter, idealism, induction, and the limits of knowledge.
Philosophy and LivingPhilosophy and Living
by Olaf Stapledon - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
What am I? Am I free or a machine? Is there a God? What is good, anyhow? What ought we to do with our lives? What is life all about? A man's first approach to philosophy is often due to the hope of finding clear answers to such questions.
A Philosophical DictionaryA Philosophical Dictionary
by Voltaire - eBooks@Adelaide , 2009
Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary is a series of short, radical essays that form a brilliant analysis of the social and religious conventions that then dominated eighteenth-century French thought. One of the masterpieces of the Enlightenment.
Notes on Philosophy of ScienceNotes on Philosophy of Science
by Gary Hardegree - UMass Amherst , 2001
Contents: Some Philosophical Distinctions; Theories - Initial Notes; Notes on Knowledge; Generic Size Theory; Numbers and Counting; Numeration Systems; Theory of Numbers; Arithmetic; Other Numbers; Infinite Sizes; Measurement; Additive Scales; etc.
The New OrganonThe New Organon
by Francis Bacon - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
This work was revolutionary in its attempt to give formal philosophical shape to emerging experimental science. It challenged the entire edifice of the philosophy of Bacon's time, and left its mark on all subsequent discussions of scientific method.
The Limits Of ScienceThe Limits Of Science
by Nicholas Rescher - University of Pittsburgh Press , 1999
Perfected science is but an idealization that provides a useful contrast to highlight the limited character of what we do and can attain. Rescher's discussion focuses on the question: what are the theoretical limits on science?
The Life After DeathThe Life After Death
by C. W. Leadbeater - Adyar , 1952
Subject of life after death is one of the great interest to all of us. This is an exemplary study of the afterlife as taught by mystics from time immemorial to present day. C. W. Leadbeater was a leader in the Theosophical movement.
Knowledge, Perception, and MemoryKnowledge, Perception, and Memory
by Carl Ginet - D. Reidel Publishing Co. , 1975
This book attempts a general definition of what it is to know that a thing is so. It gives accounts of the knowledge based on perception and that based on memory. Regarding the justification of claims to know, it takes a fundamentalist approach.
Skilful Thinking: An Introduction to Philosophical SkillsSkilful Thinking: An Introduction to Philosophical Skills
by GJ Rossouw - HSRC Press , 1994
Written in a down-to-earth style, this books guides students through the skills that enable them to analyze texts, critically evaluate arguments, and present it clearly. The book also offers advice on studying, time management and exam preparation.
An Introduction to PhilosophyAn Introduction to Philosophy
by George Stuart Fullerton - Macmillan and co , 1915
The book was made as clear as possible, that no unnecessary difficulties may be placed in the path of those who enter upon the thorny road of philosophical reflection. The subjects treated are deep enough to demand the serious attention of any one.
On LibertyOn Liberty
by John Stuart Mill - The Walter Scott Publishing Co. , 1859
This book is widely considered to be one of the top philosophical books of all time. This great classic which advocates for moral and economic freedom will surely attract a whole new generation of John Stuart Mill readers.
by Aristotle - The Internet Classics Archive , 1994
Metaphysics was regarded as 'the Queen of Sciences' even before the age of Aristotle. This multipart essay by the prominent philosopher examines the nature of existence, along with issues related to causation, form and matter, mathematics, and God.
Descartes's Imagination: Proportion, Images, and the Activity of ThinkingDescartes's Imagination: Proportion, Images, and the Activity of Thinking
by Dennis L. Sepper - University of California Press , 1996
In this examination of the role of imagination in Descartes's thought, Dennis Sepper reveals a Descartes quite different from the usual dualistic portrayals and offers a critical reconception of the genesis and nature of the philosopher's thought.
by Alphonso Lingis - University of California Press , 1994
Philosophical work and a travel documentary from Third World countries. It explores the fundamental principles of Continental philosophy, describing the cultures he visits, and the horrific conditions that people in these cultures must endure.
Nature MysticismNature Mysticism
by J. Edward Mercer - George Allen & Co , 1913
The subject of this book is Nature Mysticism. The phenomena of nature are to be studied in their mystical aspects. The wide term Mysticism is used because in spite of many misleading associations it is hard to replace.
Thus Spake ZarathustraThus Spake Zarathustra
by Friedrich Nietzsche - Modern Library , 1917
This work is the first thorough statement of Nietzsche's philosophy, and also a masterpiece of literature. The book is a combination of prose and poetry, epigrams, and parodies. Nietzsche made here his famous statement that God is dead.
by John Caird - Adamant Media Corporation , 2005
The author left out the account of Spinoza's life and letters, and to confined the work to an examination of his philosophical system. This writing attempts to deal with that philosophy from a point of view different from that of other books.
Modelling Rationality... and Beyond the PhysicsModelling Rationality... and Beyond the Physics
by Gh. C. Dinulescu-Campina - American Research Press , 2002
The author is convinced that the Platonic theory of reminiscence is not a mere speculation, and the meaning of the spirit of science is the expression of a natural phenomenon which in the sense of the MESER concept is called revelation.