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The Axioms Of Descriptive GeometryThe Axioms Of Descriptive Geometry
by Alfred North Whitehead - Cambridge University Press , 1914
In this book, after the statement of the axioms, the ideas considered are those concerning the association of Projective and Descriptive Geometry by means of ideal points, point to point correspondence, congruence, distance, and metrical geometry.

The Axiomatic MethodThe Axiomatic Method
by L. Henkin, P. Suppes, A. Tarski - North Holland Publishing Company , 1959
The volume naturally divides into three parts. Part I consists of 14 papers on the foundations of geometry, Part II of 14 papers on the foundations of physics, and Part III of five papers on general problems and applications of the axiomatic method.

Modern GeometryModern Geometry
by Robert Sharpley - University of South Carolina , 2008
This course is a study of modern geometry as a logical system based upon postulates and undefined terms. Projective geometry, theorems of Desargues and Pappus, transformation theory, affine geometry, Euclidean, non-Euclidean geometries, topology.

The Geometry of the SphereThe Geometry of the Sphere
by John C. Polking - Rice University , 2000
We are interested here in the geometry of an ordinary sphere. In plane geometry we study points, lines, triangles, polygons, etc. On the sphere there are no straight lines. Therefore it is natural to use great circles as replacements for lines.

An Introduction to GeometryAn Introduction to Geometry
by Wong Yan Loi - National University of Singapore , 2009
Contents: A Brief History of Greek Mathematics; Basic Results in Book I of the Elements; Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Concurrence; Collinearity; Circles; Using Coordinates; Inversive Geometry; Models and Basic Results of Hyperbolic Geometry.

Quadratic Forms and Their ApplicationsQuadratic Forms and Their Applications
by Andrew Ranicki, et al. - American Mathematical Society , 2000
This volume includes papers ranging from applications in topology and geometry to the algebraic theory of quadratic forms. Various aspects of the use of quadratic forms in algebra, analysis, topology, geometry, and number theory are addressed.

Tilings and PatternsTilings and Patterns
by E O Harriss - Mathematicians.org.uk , 2008
Contents: Background Material (Euclidean Space, Delone Sets, Z-modules and lattices); Tilings of the plane (Periodic, Aperiodic, Penrose Tilings, Substitution Rules and Tiling, Matching Rules); Symbolic and Geometric tilings of the line.

Topics in GeometryTopics in Geometry
by John O'Connor - University of St Andrews , 2003
Contents: Foundations; Linear groups; Isometries of Rn; Isometries of the line; Isometries of the plane; Isometries in 3 dimensions; Symmetry groups in the plane; Platonic solids; Finite symmetry groups of R3; Full finite symmetry groups in R3; etc.

Geometry, Topology and PhysicsGeometry, Topology and Physics
by Maximilian Kreuzer - Technische Universitat Wien , 2010
From the table of contents: Topology (Homotopy, Manifolds, Surfaces, Homology, Intersection numbers and the mapping class group); Differentiable manifolds; Riemannian geometry; Vector bundles; Lie algebras and representations; Complex manifolds.

Geometry and Group TheoryGeometry and Group Theory
by Christopher Pope - Texas A&M University , 2008
Lecture notes on Geometry and Group Theory. In this course, we develop the basic notions of Manifolds and Geometry, with applications in physics, and also we develop the basic notions of the theory of Lie Groups, and their applications in physics.

Origami and Geometric ConstructionsOrigami and Geometric Constructions
by Robert J. Lang , 2003
Origami is the art of folding sheets of paper into interesting and beautiful shapes. In this text the author presents a variety of techniques for origami geometric constructions. The field has surprising connections to other branches of mathematics.

An Elementary Course in Synthetic Projective GeometryAn Elementary Course in Synthetic Projective Geometry
by Derrick Norman Lehmer - Project Gutenberg , 2005
The book gives, in a simple way, the essentials of synthetic projective geometry. Enough examples have been provided to give the student a clear grasp of the theory. The student should have a thorough grounding in ordinary elementary geometry.

Categorical GeometryCategorical Geometry
by Zhaohua Luo , 1998
This is a book on the general theory of analytic categories. From the table of contents: Introduction; Analytic Categories; Analytic Topologies; Analytic Geometries; Coherent Analytic Categories; Coherent Analytic Geometries; and more.

Flavors of GeometryFlavors of Geometry
by Silvio Levy - Cambridge University Press , 1997
This book collects accessible lectures on four geometrically flavored fields of mathematics that have experienced great development in recent years: hyperbolic geometry, dynamics in several complex variables, convex geometry, and volume estimation.

Convex Geometric AnalysisConvex Geometric Analysis
by Keith Ball, Vitali Milman - Cambridge University Press , 1998
Convex bodies are at once simple and amazingly rich in structure. This collection involves researchers in classical convex geometry, geometric functional analysis, computational geometry, and related areas of harmonic analysis.

The Radon TransformThe Radon Transform
by Sigurdur Helgason - Birkhauser Boston , 1999
The Radon transform is an important topic in integral geometry which deals with the problem of expressing a function on a manifold in terms of its integrals over certain submanifolds. Solutions to such problems have a wide range of applications.

Geometry and TopologyGeometry and Topology
by Christopher Cooper - Macquarie University , 2008
The geometry part of the text includes an introductory course on projective geometry and some chapters on symmetry. The topology part consists of geometric and combinatorial topology and includes material on the classification of surfaces, and more.

Combinatorial and Computational GeometryCombinatorial and Computational Geometry
by J. E. Goodman, J. Pach, E. Welzl - Cambridge University Press , 2007
This volume includes articles exploring geometric arrangements, polytopes, packing, covering, discrete convexity, geometric algorithms and their complexity, and the combinatorial complexity of geometric objects, particularly in low dimension.

Fundamentals of GeometryFundamentals of Geometry
by Oleg A. Belyaev - Moscow State University , 2007
A continually updated book devoted to rigorous axiomatic exposition of the basic concepts of geometry. Self-contained comprehensive treatment with detailed proofs should make this book both accessible and useful to a wide audience of geometry lovers.

Fractal GeometryFractal Geometry
by Michael Frame, Benoit Mandelbrot, Nial Neger - Yale University , 2009
This is an introduction to fractal geometry for students without especially strong mathematical preparation, or any particular interest in science. Each of the topics contains examples of fractals in the arts, humanities, or social sciences.

Topics in Finite Geometry: Ovals, Ovoids and Generalized QuadranglesTopics in Finite Geometry: Ovals, Ovoids and Generalized Quadrangles
by S. E. Payne - University of Colorado Denver , 2007
The present book grew out of notes written for a course by the same name taught by the author during in 2005. Only some basic abstract algebra, linear algebra, and mathematical maturity are the prerequisites for reading this book.

Projective GeometryProjective Geometry
by Nigel Hitchin , 2003
The techniques of projective geometry provide the technical underpinning for perspective drawing and in particular for the modern version of the Renaissance artist, who produces the computer graphics we see every day on the web.

Geometric Theorems and Arithmetic FunctionsGeometric Theorems and Arithmetic Functions
by Jozsef Sandor - American Research Press , 2002
Contents: on Smarandache's Podaire theorem, Diophantine equation, the least common multiple of the first positive integers, limits related to prime numbers, a generalized bisector theorem, values of arithmetical functions and factorials, and more.