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Workers in the DawnWorkers in the Dawn
by George Gissing - Remington , 1880
In this powerful and largely autobiographical first novel George Gissing establishes the hallmarks of his life-long literary obsession with class, money and sex. He explores the daunting challenges that face men of education, intelligence and talent.
The WhirlpoolThe Whirlpool
by George Gissing - Lawrence and Bullen , 1897
A grim, pessimistic and thoughtful examination of materialistic, fast-paced urban life and of the difficulties of what today is frequently described as companionate marriage. Of all Gissing's novels this book is probably the most modernistic in tone.
The UnclassedThe Unclassed
by George Gissing - Chapman & Hall , 1884
The story of a young, educated man, Osmond Waymark, who survives by teaching. He answers a magazine advertisement, placed by a half-Italian who had felt himself to be rejected by society -- for companionship and the two strike up a friendship.
by George Gissing - Dutton , 1900
Gissing tells the story of the martyrdom of Thyrza Tennant. She is pregnant by Andy McAdam; who not only refuses to marry her, but also marries her sister Laura instead. Thyrza never reveals the identity of the father. Barton Gorse loves Thyrza ...

Sleeping FiresSleeping Fires
by George Gissing , 1895
A short novella that explores the possibility of finding a former love and overcoming grief and guilt in middle and late life. The protagonist initially struggles in the clutches of fate but then comes to terms with existence and its challenges.
The Paying GuestThe Paying Guest
by George Gissing - Cassell , 1895
A satirical novella by George Gissing. It recounts the experiences of the Mumfords, a middle-class family who invite a paying guest into their home to supplement their income. Written in an unusually comic tone compared with Gissing's earlier works.
Our Friend the CharlatanOur Friend the Charlatan
by George Gissing - Chapman and Hall , 1901
A charming social satire about Dyce Lashmar, a young Oxford educated man with no discernible talents, but an unwavering confidence in his own abilities. This book is a rarity even to Gissing's admirers. The book was written late in the author's life.
A Life's MorningA Life's Morning
by George Gissing - Smith, Elder & Co. , 1888
The story of a poor, yet cultivated, young woman, Emily Hood. While serving as a governess to a wealthy country family, she becomes enamored of her employer's son, and the two are engaged. However, she is confronted by her father's employer ...
Eve's RansomEve's Ransom
by George Gissing - Lawrence & Bullen , 1895
Eve's Ransom is a short novel concerning the efforts of a young man to, in effect, buy the affection of a mysterious young woman. Introspective, thoughtful people struggling to balance very human impulses with a sense of social responsibility.
by George Gissing - Smith, Elder & Co. , 1886
The author tells the story of a young, lower-class, Radical working-man, Richard Mutimer, who unexpectedly inherits a large fortune. He becomes the leader of a socialist movement and decides to use his inheritance to set up a cooperative factory ...
The Crown of LifeThe Crown of Life
by George Gissing - Methuen & Co. , 1899
In this novel, a struggling young man sets his mind, quite arbitrarily, on gaining one particular woman's affection. It looks like mission impossible, for social reasons, but he doesn't give up and keeps dreaming and trying for years ...
Charles Dickens: A Critical StudyCharles Dickens: A Critical Study
by George Gissing - Dodd, Mead and company , 1898
The first piece of thorough criticism of Charles Dickens and his works. Published when Dickens' literary reputation was at its lowest ebb, it helped to instigate a revival of appreciation for the novelist which has continued unabated ever since ...
The Odd WomenThe Odd Women
by George Gissing - Project Gutenberg , 2003
George Gissing dramatizes key issues relating to class and gender in late-Victorian culture: the changing relationship between the sexes, the social impact of 'odd' or 'redundant' women, the cultural impact of 'the new woman,' and more.
New Grub StreetNew Grub Street
by George Gissing - eBooks@Adelaide , 2010
The story of men and women forced to make their living by writing. Their daily lives and broken dreams, made and marred by the rigors of urban life and the demands of the fledgling mass communications industry, are presented with vivid realism.