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Animal ExperienceAnimal Experience
by Leon Niemoczynski, Stephanie Theodorou - LivingBooksAboutLife.org , 2017
This book explores the nature of the emotional lives of nonhuman animals, focusing on how those lives are communicated to other living creatures via affective states. We hope to re-examine how human beings interact with other living creatures ...
Poisonous Dwellers of the DesertPoisonous Dwellers of the Desert
by Natt Noyes Dodge - Southwestern Monuments Association , 1970
Some of the creatures living in deserts are known to be poisonous to man. The purpose of this book is to discuss the various poisonous dwellers of the desert, as well as to debunk some of the superstitions and misunderstandings which have developed.
Animal BehaviourAnimal Behaviour
by C. Lloyd Morgan - Edward Arnold , 1920
The word 'behaviour' will be employed in the following pages in a wide and comprehensive sense. We shall have to consider, not only the kind of animal behaviour which implies intelligence, but also forms of behaviour which lack conscious guidance.
The Elements of Animal BiologyThe Elements of Animal Biology
by Samuel J. Holmes - P. Blakiston's son & co. , 1919
This volume is intended as an introduction to the elements of animal biology for the use of students in the high school. The order in which the main topics are treated is essentially like that which is followed in several of the best recent textbooks.

Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing WorldBats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World
by Christian C. Voigt, Tigga Kingston - Springer , 2016
This book focuses on central themes related to the conservation of bats. It details their response to land-use change and management practices, and intensified urbanization. Increasing interactions between humans and bats are explored in depth.
Mammals of Mount Rainier National ParkMammals of Mount Rainier National Park
by R.K. Grater, M.K. Potts - Mount Rainier Naural History Association , 1949
To know Nature in her various forms is to increase appreciation of the natural scene. It is for this purpose that this book has been written. The sequence of species used brings many of the larger animals ahead of the smaller and more obscure kinds.
Mammals of the Southwest Mountains and MesasMammals of the Southwest Mountains and Mesas
by George Joyce Olin - Southwest Parks and Monuments Association , 1961
This book describes mammals of the Southwest which live in the life zones above the low desert. The book is divided into hoofed animals, rodents, and carnivores. Includes finely executed black-and-white drawings and distribution maps.
Gliding Mammals: Taxonomy of Living and Extinct SpeciesGliding Mammals: Taxonomy of Living and Extinct Species
by S.M Jackson, R.W. Thorington, Jr. - Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press , 2012
There are 64 species of extant gliding mammals that are recognized, which are divided into six different families. These comprise eight species of gliding marsupials that live within Australasia and include six species of lesser gliding possums ...
Meet the Invertebrates: Anemones, Octopuses, Spiders, Ants, and OthersMeet the Invertebrates: Anemones, Octopuses, Spiders, Ants, and Others
by Katharine Rogers - Smashwords , 2014
The book reveals these apparently alien creatures to be fascinating animals dealing with the basic problems of living as all animals do. It explains how they work physiologically and describes their appearance, behavior, and perception of the world.
Behavioral Energetics: The Cost of Survival in VertebratesBehavioral Energetics: The Cost of Survival in Vertebrates
by Wayne P. Aspey, Sheldon I. Lustick - The Ohio State University Press , 1983
Integrating research in ethology, ecology, and physiology, and synthesizing their relationship to vertebrate energetics and survival adapta­tions, this volume concen­trates on three survival-strategy themes in the life energetics of vertebrates.
Gorillas and ChimpanzeesGorillas and Chimpanzees
by R. L. Garner - Osgood, McIlvaine & Co , 1896
This book is the natural product of some years devoted to a study of the speech and habits of monkeys. It has led up to the special study of the great apes. The matter contained herein is chiefly a record of the facts tabulated during recent years.
The Vertebrate SkeletonThe Vertebrate Skeleton
by Sidney H. Reynolds - Cambridge University Press , 1897
The author gives first an account of the skeletal characters of the group in question and of its subdivisions; secondly describes the skeleton of one or more selected types; and thirdly treats the skeleton as developed in the group organ by organ.
Dictionary Of Invertebrate ZoologyDictionary Of Invertebrate Zoology
by Armand R. Maggenti - University of Nebraska - Lincoln , 2005
An exhaustive dictionary of terms relating to invertebrate zoology, including etymologies, word derivations and taxonomic classification. Entries cover parasitology, nematology, marine invertebrates, insects, anatomy, biology, and more...
Curious Creatures in ZoologyCurious Creatures in Zoology
by John Ashton - John C. Nimmo , 1890
A cryptozoological classic by John Ashton. It covers a wide variety of curious natural history that had been reported by early writers and explorers. Fact and fancy were both commonplace. Some creatures are well-known, while others are less so.
Extinct and Vanishing Animals of The Old WorldExtinct and Vanishing Animals of The Old World
by Francis Harper - American Committee for Wild Life Protection , 1945
The present work had its origin in a strongly felt need for definite information on the mammals that have become extinct, on those that are now threatened with the same fate, and on the measures that may be undertaken for their preservation.
Dogs and All About ThemDogs and All About Them
by Robert Leighton - Cassell and company, ltd , 1910
The book contains a general history of dogs and practical information on breeding, management, some common ailments of the dogs and their treatment. The emphasis is on breeds and their history. Over 50 different breeds are described in this book.
Zoology: higher secondary - second yearZoology: higher secondary - second year
by Kannaki Prabakaran, et al. - Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation , 2005
This book provides basic information on several fields of biology: Human Physiology, Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology, Bio-informatics, Environmental Biology, Genomics, Aquaculture, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Livestock management etc.
Elementary ZoologyElementary Zoology
by Vernon L. Kellogg - Henry Holt & Co. , 1902
This is an introduction to an elementary knowledge of animal structure, function, and development; a consideration of the principal branches of the animal kingdom; a brief consideration of certain of the more interesting features of animal ecology.
Animal LifeAnimal Life
by B. Lindsay - D. Appleton & co. , 1909
If the microscope had never been invented, the Story of Animal Life could never have been told. It is to the microscope that we owe our knowledge of innumerable little animals that are too small to be seen by the unassisted eye ...
The Life of CrustaceaThe Life of Crustacea
by William Thomas Calman - Methuen & Co. , 1911
This book deals chiefly with the habits and modes of life of the Crustacea, and attempts to provide an account of some of the more important scientific problems suggested by a study of the living animals in relation to their environment.
Zoological IllustrationsZoological Illustrations
by William Swainson - Project Gutenberg , 2012
We have two objects in view: the diffusion of original observations which would be interesting to the general reader; and that of discouraging the publication of figures copied from old authors, by accustoming the public eye to original designs.
by Maria-Dolores Garcia - InTech , 2012
This book is a compendium of contributions to some of the many different topics related to the knowledge of animals. Individual chapters represent recent contributions to Zoology illustrating the diversity of research conducted in this field.
Animal BehaviorAnimal Behavior
by Robert Huber - Wikibooks , 2011
This textbook focuses on the mechanisms and evolution of animal behavior, including neural, hormonal, and genetic substrates of behavior; foraging; anti-predator defenses; mating systems and sexual selection; social behavior; communication; etc.
Artificial Insemination in Farm AnimalsArtificial Insemination in Farm Animals
by Milad Manafi - InTech , 2011
Artificial insemination is used for reproduction purposes and its chief priority is that the desirable characteristics of a male livestock animal can be passed on more quickly and to more progeny than if that animal is mated in a natural fashion.
Practical ZoologyPractical Zoology
by Robert William Hegner - MacMillan , 1915
The book is intended for the use of students in secondary schools. The word 'practical' has been chosen since an effort has been made to present those facts about animals which will have the most practical bearing upon the daily life of the student.
Anatomy and Physiology of AnimalsAnatomy and Physiology of Animals
by J. Ruth Lawson - Wikibooks , 2008
This book describes the structure of the animal body and the way in which it works. It may be useful for anyone studying veterinary nursing or biology. It is intended for use by students with little previous biological knowledge.
Elephant Seals: Population Ecology, Behavior, and PhysiologyElephant Seals: Population Ecology, Behavior, and Physiology
by B. J. Le Beouf , R. M. Laws - University of California Press , 1994
This discussion of elephant seals brings together worldwide expertise from scientists who describe recent research, the history and status of various populations, and other findings obtained with the help of modern instruments.