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Electromechanisms: FabricationElectromechanisms: Fabrication
by K. Paul - Delmar Publishers , 1973
The book is intended to provide a meaningful experience in fabrication techniques for students of modern technology. The text is presented in an action oriented format combining features normally found in a textbook with those of a laboratory manual.
by Alexander W. Koch (ed.) - MDPI AG , 2014
The field of optomechatronics provides synergistic effects of optics, mechanics and electronics for efficient sensor development. Optical sensors for measurements, equipped with signal processing means have a wide range of applications ...
Electromechanisms: TransducersElectromechanisms: Transducers
by Richard L. Allen, Bob R. Hunter - Delmar Publishers , 1972
This book is intended to provide meaningful experience in basic transducers for students of modern technology. The topics included: basic principles of measurement as well as pressure, temperature, level, rate, photoelectric, and sound transducers.
Electromechanisms: DevicesElectromechanisms: Devices
by L. Paul Robertson, Bob R. Hunter, Richard L. Allan - Delmar Publishers , 1971
The book presents motors, generators, relays, solenoids and other selected topics in a simple and direct manner. The materials are presented in an action-oriented format combining the features found in a textbook with those of a laboratory manual.

Electromechanisms: Motor ControlsElectromechanisms: Motor Controls
by D.A. Anderson - Delmar Publishers , 1971
Intended to provide meaningful experience in electronic motor control for students of modern technology. The topics included are basic principles of motor control, SCR controls for various types of motors, and an introduction to digital controls.
Mechanisms / LinkagesMechanisms / Linkages
by L.P. Robertson, et al. - Delmar Publishers , 1972
This material is an introductory treatment of modern Mechanical Linkages, combining the elements of mechanical theory with those of practicality. The topics treated include various levers and four-bar configurations and some selected special topics.
Computer Architecture and Interfacing to Mechatronic SystemsComputer Architecture and Interfacing to Mechatronic Systems
by Dario J. Toncich - Chrystobel Engineering , 1994
The purpose of this book is to address the links that need to be bridged between modern electronic and mechanical equipment. We look at the issue of what a mechanical or manufacturing engineer needs to know in order to design mechatronic systems.
- Wikibooks , 2012
Robotics brings together several very different engineering areas and skills: mechanics, electronics, programming... This book tries to cover the key areas of robotics as a hobby. When possible examples from industrial robots will be addressed too.
Robot ArmsRobot Arms
by Satoru Goto - InTech , 2011
Applications of robot arms are not limited to the industrial factory but expanded to living space or outer space. The robot arm is an integrated technology, and its technological elements are actuators, sensors, mechanism, control and system, etc.
Automation and RoboticsAutomation and Robotics
by Miltiadis A. Boboulos - BookBoon , 2010
In this book for the optimization of assembly conveyor lines we are dealing with series part production featured by a medium complexity degree and a medium number of individual components and assembly technique alternatives.
Mechatronic Systems: Simulation Modeling and ControlMechatronic Systems: Simulation Modeling and Control
by Annalisa Milella Donato Di Paola, Grazia Cicirelli - InTech , 2010
This book provides an excellent survey of recent work in modelling and control of electromechanical components, and mechatronic machines and vehicles. The book collects and presents contributions from many researchers worldwide.
Mechatronic Systems ApplicationsMechatronic Systems Applications
by A. M. D. Di Paola, G. Cicirelli - InTech , 2010
Mechatronics is the synergistic blend of mechanics, electronics, and computer science. This book is concerned with applications of mechatronic systems in various fields, like robotics, medical and assistive technology, human-machine interaction, etc.
Climbing and Walking RobotsClimbing and Walking Robots
by Behnam Miripour - InTech , 2010
Topics: Technologies and Applications for Climbing Robots Locomotion and Adhesion; Mechanical Synthesis for Fast Operation in Climbing and Walking Robots; Stair Climbing Robots and High-Grip Crawler; Locomotion Analysis of Hexapod Robot; etc.
Advances in Robot ManipulatorsAdvances in Robot Manipulators
by Ernest Hall - InTech , 2010
The purpose of this volume is to inspire the continual invention of robot manipulators. The concept of eclecticism for the design, simulation and implementation of a real time controller for an intelligent, vision guided robots is now being explored.
Robot Manipulators: New AchievementsRobot Manipulators: New Achievements
by Aleksandar Lazinica, Hiroyuki Kawai - InTech , 2010
Contents: Robotic Machining from Programming to Process Control; Fuzzy Optimal Control for Robot Manipulators; A Concept for Isles of Automation; Concurrent Engineering of Robot Manipulators; 3D Imaging System for Tele-Manipulation; and more.
Advances in HapticsAdvances in Haptics
by Mehrdad Hosseini Zadeh - InTech , 2010
Haptic technology enables computer users to manipulate remote objects in virtual environments or tele-operation systems. In this book authors from around the world present the results of their research on various issues in the field of haptics.
Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modelling and ControlIndustrial Robotics: Theory, Modelling and Control
by Sam Cubero - Pro Literatur Verlag , 2006
This book covers a wide range of topics relating to advanced industrial robotics, sensors and automation technologies. Included are topics such as networking, properties of manipulators, forward and inverse robot arm kinematics, etc.
Climbing and Walking Robots: Towards New ApplicationsClimbing and Walking Robots: Towards New Applications
by Houxiang Zhang - InTech , 2007
An overview of the latest wide-range achievements in climbing and walking robotic technology for researchers, scientists, and engineers throughout the world. Different aspects are presented from the scientific and from the technical point of view.
Robot ManipulatorsRobot Manipulators
by Marco Ceccarelli - InTech , 2008
Each chapter addresses a specific area of modeling, design, and application of robots but with an eye to give an integrated view of what make a robot a unique modern system for many different uses and future potential applications.
Parallel Manipulators, Towards New ApplicationsParallel Manipulators, Towards New Applications
by Huapeng Wu - InTech , 2008
This volume opens a view of current parallel robot research and applications: remote handling, machine tools, medical robots, simulators, micro-robots, and humanoid robots. There are contributions by authors from around the world.
Parallel Manipulators, New DevelopmentsParallel Manipulators, New Developments
by Jee-Hwan Ryu - InTech , 2008
The book provides an overview of the state-of-art, presents new ideas, original results and practical experiences in parallel manipulators. The book introduces advanced analysis methods and cutting edge control technologies for parallel manipulators.
Humanoid Robots: Human-like MachinesHumanoid Robots: Human-like Machines
by Matthias Hackel - InTech , 2007
This book is divided in four parts: Hardware Development: Components and Systems, Biped Motion: Walking, Running and Self-orientation, Sensing the Environment: Acquisition, Data Processing and Control and Mind Organization: Learning and Interaction.
Cutting Edge RoboticsCutting Edge Robotics
by V. Kordic, A. Lazinica, M. Merdan - InTech , 2005
This book is the result of contributions from many researchers worldwide. It presents a collection of wide range research results of robotics scientific community. Various aspects of current research in robotics area are explored and discussed.