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Teacher PioneersTeacher Pioneers
by Caroline C. Williams, et al. - ETC Press , 2016
Teachers accomplish their daily miracles through collaboration by asking questions about what they don't know and sharing what they do. This book was written by teacher pioneers to share their collaborating, their designing, and their exploring.
The Dynamics of Opportunity in AmericaThe Dynamics of Opportunity in America
by Irwin Kirsch, Henry Braun (eds) - Springer , 2016
Across the country, our children are beginning life from very different starting points. These different starting points place children on distinctly different trajectories of development, ultimately leading to vastly different adult outcomes.
Real Time Research: Improvisational Game ScholarshipReal Time Research: Improvisational Game Scholarship
by Seann Dikkers et al. - ETC Press , 2010
Real-Time Research is all about reconnecting with the thrill of discovery that initially led us into the age of science. This zooms in on what is fun about science and excites the desire to quickly test more and more ideas, questions, and projects.

Learning To Work: Making the Transition From School to WorkLearning To Work: Making the Transition From School to Work
- U.S. Government Printing Office , 1995
Work-based learning can help students see the relevance of their academic studies later in life, explore career options, and help them develop needed skills. But the implementation of good work-based learning programs requires considerable effort ...
Steps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and PracticeSteps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and Practice
by Kristen A. Munger, et al. - Open SUNY Textbooks , 2016
Introduces instructional strategies linked to the most current research-supported practices in the field of literacy. The book includes chapters related to scientifically-based literacy research, early literacy development, literacy assessment, etc.
The Mindful Way To Study: Dancing With Your BooksThe Mindful Way To Study: Dancing With Your Books
by Roddy Gibbs - Smashwords , 2015
A guide which helps students, professionals, and other lifelong learners develop a better approach to their educational and career pursuits. The authors blend the latest research with entertaining stories to teach readers how to truly pay attention.
Teaching Our YoungestTeaching Our Youngest
- U.S. Department of Education , 2002
What pre-school teachers and childcare providers can do to help children develop their language abilities, increase their knowledge, become familiar with books and printed materials, learn letters and sounds, recognize numbers and learn to count.
The Place of Reason in EducationThe Place of Reason in Education
by Bertram Bandman - The Ohio State University Press , 1967
Bandman demonstrates the relevance of philosophy to education by undertaking a philosophical examination of the crucial question 'What should be taught?' His purpose is to determine what qualifies as a rational argument in answering this question.
Teachers As ReadersTeachers As Readers
by Michelle Commeyras, et al. - The Global Text Project , 2011
The book for those teachers who want to be readers and teachers. It will inspire you to explore ways of bringing your reading self to teaching reading and language arts. We want to encourage those who already share their reading life with students.
Emerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and TechnologyEmerging Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Technology
by Michael Orey - The Global Text Project , 2010
A discussion of ideas described as learning or instructional theories. Examples include Information Processing, Constructivism of Piaget, and Social Constructivism of Vygotsky. The latter part describes as a collection of instructional strategies ...
Grammar Alive: A Guide for TeachersGrammar Alive: A Guide for Teachers
by Brock Haussamen - National Council of Teachers of English , 2003
This book is a resource for college teachers who wonder what to do about grammar -- how to teach it, how to apply it. It offers teachers ways to negotiate the often conflicting goals of testing, confident writing, the culturally inclusive classroom.
Language Across the Curriculum in the Elementary GradesLanguage Across the Curriculum in the Elementary Grades
by Christopher Thaiss - National Council of Teachers of English , 2011
Christopher Thaiss explores the use of writing in classrooms from grades one through six. Drawing on observations, he argues that language across the curriculum is something that happens continuously in classrooms and in homes and on playgrounds ...
Innovative Approaches to Teaching Technical CommunicationInnovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication
by T. Bridgeford, K.S. Kitalong, R. Selfe - Utah State University Press , 2004
'Innovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication' offers a variety of activities, projects, and approaches to energize pedagogy in technical communication and to provide a constructive critique of current practice.
The American SchoolThe American School
- Wikibooks , 2010
This book is the result work by undergraduate students in an introductory course labeled The American School offered at Northern Michigan University. The focus of the course was to engage non-educators in discussions about American schooling.
Peeragogy Handbook V1.0Peeragogy Handbook V1.0
by Bryan Alexander, et al. - Wikibooks , 2013
This book presents a range of techniques that self-motivated learners can use to connect with each other and develop stronger communities and collaborations. The book is addressed to everyone who is interested in how learning works ...
Classroom Management Theorists and TheoriesClassroom Management Theorists and Theories
by Chris Adams, et al. - Wikibooks , 2013
This book studies a variety of classroom management theorists and their theories, noting the historical background of the theorist, a basic overview of the theory, and a professional critique of the theory. It also discusses practical applications.
NLP - Skills for LearningNLP - Skills for Learning
by Peter Freeth - Bookboon , 2013
If you're an experienced trainer or presenter and you want to find out how NLP can help you to transform your skills then this book is for you. This book is written to both teach and demonstrate the application of NLP as a learning tool.
The Ninja's Guide to the Common Core StandardsThe Ninja's Guide to the Common Core Standards
by Rich Clark, Kate Glass - CoreStand , 2013
Take a deep dive into the essential themes of the CCSS, learn more about how the Standards have been adopted nationwide, and access new best practice lessons and units that are Core-aligned and demonstrate our signature CORE classroom principles.
How to Use Your MindHow to Use Your Mind
by Harry D. Kitson - J. B. Lippincott company , 1921
A psychology of study: being a manual for the use of students and teachers in the administration of supervised study. Topics covered: Improving concentration; Improving memory; Habit formation; Thinking rationally; Reading with increased awareness..
College SuccessCollege Success
by B. Beiderwell, L.F. Tse, T. Lochhaas, N.B. deKanter - Flat World Knowledge , 2010
The focus of the book is on realistic, practical tools for the students who need them. This is a book designed, frankly, for students who may have difficulty with traditional college textbooks. The style is direct and to the point.
Sequential Problem SolvingSequential Problem Solving
by Fredric B. Lozo , 1998
A student handbook with checklists for successful critical thinking, written for those with a whole brain thinking style. Sequential Problem Solving helps those with a logical nature to develop creative right brain intuitive processes.
Social and Cultural Foundations of American EducationSocial and Cultural Foundations of American Education
by Patrick O'Shea, Dwight Allen, Peter Baker - Wikibooks , 2012
The major objective of this combined effort of a dedicated group of collaborators was to plan a series of research initiatives to study the outcomes of this innovative approach to the introduction of students to the profession of teaching.
Character Under Attack: and What You Can Do About ItCharacter Under Attack: and What You Can Do About It
by Carl Sommer - Advance Publishing , 2006
Discover why America has such high rates of violent criminal activity, school crime, teenage pregnancy, and suicide. Carl Sommer reveals the underlying causes and offers common-sense solutions for improving America's education and moral climate.
How to Pass a CourseHow to Pass a Course
- Wikibooks , 2010
Many students have constant problems with different courses, despite the effort put in. This short guide will show some basic steps on how to pass a course. It is not meant to be a full treatise, but rather a practical guide of various techniques.
College Survival GuideCollege Survival Guide
- Wikibooks , 2010
The objective of this book is to lift the fog of the various misunderstandings of college: credits, courses, assignments, studying, etc. It is somewhat slanted toward US students; however, many of the things can be applied to different colleges.
Assistive Technology in EducationAssistive Technology in Education
- Wikibooks , 2010
Assistive Technology is a field that is changing as fast or faster than the rest of technology used in teaching and learning. This book will initially focus on assistive technology that can be used in a normal classroom.
USA Education In BriefUSA Education In Brief
by Raphael Calis - U.S. Department of State , 2008
USA Education in Brief covers the development of the public school movement, beginning with 'common school', in the 18th century, to the G.I. Bill of Rights and the civil rights movement which expanded educational opportunity to all U.S. citizens.
School Reform: The Critical IssuesSchool Reform: The Critical Issues
by P.A. Riley, L.T. Izumi, W.M. Evers - Hoover Institution Press , 2001
This book explores a wide range of critical areas in education, examines the basic nature of our education problems, provides a clear understanding of underperformance, and proposes reasonable and effective strategies for success.
Blended Learning in K-12Blended Learning in K-12
- Wikibooks , 2010
This book is an overview of the concept of Blended Learning and how it relates to the integration of technologies in the K-12 environment. By way of explanation to non-Americans, K-12 means all primary and secondary schooling.
Access to Knowledge: A Guide for EveryoneAccess to Knowledge: A Guide for Everyone
by Frederick Noronha, Jeremy Malcolm - Consumers International , 2010
Access to Knowledge is the term for a movement that aims to create equitable public access to the products of human culture and learning. The objective of the movement is to create world in which educational and cultural works are accessible to all.
Teaching Learning Theory and Teachers EducationTeaching Learning Theory and Teachers Education
by T. C. Sharma - Sarup & Sons , 2005
Contents: Modifications of desired qualifications; Development of practice in teacher education; The educational and social setting; Normal schools; From normal schools to teacher colleges; Teacher education in colleges and universities; etc.
Theory And Principles Of Adult EducationTheory And Principles Of Adult Education
by Shalini Wadhwa - Sarup & Sons , 2000
Topics covered: Theory and principles of adult education; The field of adult education; Purpose of adult education; Adult education for employment; Target groups; Socially isolated groups; Occupational groups; Thematic variations in adult education.
Pedagogical AnthropologyPedagogical Anthropology
by Maria Montessori - Frederick A. Stokes company , 1913
Contents: Modern tendencies of anthropology and their relation to pedagogy; Certain principles of general biology; Craniology; Thorax; Pelvis; Limbs; Skin and pigments; Technical part; Statistical methodology; Biographic history of the pupil; etc.
Testing Student Learning, Evaluating Teaching EffectivenessTesting Student Learning, Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness
by W. M. Evers, H. J. Walberg - Hoover Institution Press , 2004
This book takes a hard look at the professional, technical, and public policy issues surrounding student achievement and teacher effectiveness -- and shows how testing and accountability can play a vital role in improving American schools.
Teacher QualityTeacher Quality
by Lance T. Izumi, Williamson M. Evers - Hoover Institution Press , 2002
This book takes a hard look at the professional, technical, and public policy issues surrounding student achievement and teacher effectiveness -- and shows how testing and accountability can play a vital role in improving American schools.
A Primer on America's SchoolsA Primer on America's Schools
by Terry M. Moe - Hoover Institution Press , 2001
A broad overview of the American education system -- pulling together basic facts about its structure and operation, identifying key problems that hinder its performance, and offering perspectives on the requirements of genuine reform.
Our Schools and Our Future: Are We Still at Risk?Our Schools and Our Future: Are We Still at Risk?
by Paul E. Peterson - Hoover Institution Press , 2003
This book assesses the changes that have occurred in the twenty years since 'A Nation at Risk', which urged major reforms in American education. It offers recommendations based on three core principles - accountability, choice, and transparency.
Skilful Thinking: An Introduction to Philosophical SkillsSkilful Thinking: An Introduction to Philosophical Skills
by GJ Rossouw - HSRC Press , 1994
Written in a down-to-earth style, this books guides students through the skills that enable them to analyze texts, critically evaluate arguments, and present it clearly. The book also offers advice on studying, time management and exam preparation.
Education and Learning to ThinkEducation and Learning to Think
by Lauren B. Resnick - National Academies Press , 1987
The topics covered are the nature of thinking and learning, the possibilities of teaching general reasoning, the attempts to improve intelligence, thinking skills in academic disciplines, cultivating the disposition toward higher order thinking, etc.
Study in ScandinaviaStudy in Scandinavia
- Ventus Publishing ApS , 2009
The book provides an overview of the universities in Denmark and Norway as well as a more detailed description of each of the universities, including testimonials from students. Furthermore, the book has practical information about studying.
How Do We Know?How Do We Know?
by Leonard E. Read - Foundation for Economic Education , 1981
How to become more knowledgeable? Unquestionably, the first step is to become sharply aware of how little we know. The know-it-all is a know-nothing! The more we practice what we know, the more shall we know what to practice.
How to Pass Exams Every TimeHow to Pass Exams Every Time
by Mike Evans - How To Books Ltd , 2004
Proven techniques for any exam that will boost your confidence and guarantee success. Reading this book will make a huge difference to exam performance, whatever exams you're taking - professional or academic, essay or multiple choice.
Deliberate Dumbing Down of AmericaDeliberate Dumbing Down of America
by Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt - 3d Research Co , 1999
This book argues that the academic meltdown in our public education system is intentional. It asserts that change agents have been working at the Education Department to change curriculum, not to improve teaching but to promote a socialist agenda.
Study and Learning in the Australian University SystemStudy and Learning in the Australian University System
by Dario Toncich - Chrystobel Engineering , 2008
This book provides an insight into the Australian university system, and how students can get the best out of it in terms of university/course selection; learning and professional career outcomes. Written for students, parents and teachers.
Learning TheoriesLearning Theories
- Wikibooks , 2006
Useful guide for both students and teachers to the problem of how to impart learning. Theories: behavioralist, constructivist, post-modern, adult learning; Organizational learning: contributions by discipline, triggers, influencing factors, etc.
Helping Your Child Learn ScienceHelping Your Child Learn Science
by Nancy Paulu, Margaret Scott - U.S. Department of Education , 2005
This booklet provides parents of children ages 3 through 10 with information, tools and activities they can use in the home and community to help their child develop an interest in the sciences and learn about the world around them.
The Abolition of ManThe Abolition of Man
by C.S. Lewis
The Abolition of Man is a short philosophical work about moral education, its context is British education in the 1940s. The moral code is objective, not the invention or property of any one person or movement or even civilization.